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X10 Wireless Cam for RC Cars

Imagine driving your remote control car by looking at your TV screen. Yes you can do this by mounting a wireless camera to your rc cars or trucks. For me, I bought the X10 wireless cam which transmits video in color and up to about 100 feet distance.

The setup is simple, connect your miniature wireless cam to a mini transmitter. In my case, I created a small 12v battery pack to power the cam and transmitter. I mounted this on my 1/10 Tamiya Honda CRV electric rc truck.

On the TV side, connect the mini receiver to your TV using RCA jacks. You can use the supplied 12v AC/DC adaptor to provide power to the receiver.

It's pretty cool to drive an rc car from the viewpoint of being inside your rc car. It feels so real that it seems that your are driving a real car. I was actually driving my Honda CRV R/C by looking at the TV screen inside the house while the truck was running outside the house.

Now there is the XCam2, which is an upgraded version of my X10 wireless cam setup.

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