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The ULTRA Fast RC Cars... 50... 60+ Miles Per Hour!

When money is no object :)

If you really want the top of the line, fastest rc cars... try the following models listed below. Warning: some of these cars are doing 60+ real miles per hour... drive them with care.

List of fastest r/c cars.

OFNA Racing Radio Control Cars Pushing 60+ Miles Per Hour

Below are OFNA nitro powered rc cars. These are on-road touring cars in the 1/10 scale and the slightly bigger 1/8 scale model. These are really fast ready to run rc cars!

Picture of 60 mph OFNA nitro rc car.
1/10  OFNA Nitro 0B4 RTR 2 Spd Box Kit

1/8 OFNA Nitro Ultra GTP Mclaren RTR

1/8 OFNA Nitro Ultra GTP Viper RTR

1/8 OFNA Nitro Ultra Rally w/Celica Body RTR

1/8 OFNA Nitro Ultra GTP 911 RTR

Traxxas Pushing 60+ Miles Per Hour

Traxxas is really upping the level of performance. Their newest rc cars are pushing 50 to 60 miles per hour out of the box! These speeds are almost the same as the 1/8 scale on-road beasts produced by BMT, Serpent, and others.

Picture of Traxxas nitro rc car.
1/10 Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec RTR Car

You can buy the fastest nitro rc cars from a local hobby shop or you can conveniently buy online, where orders are delivered straight to your home.

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