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Trouble Shooting Electric R/C Cars

"Always check carefully for loose screws and nuts, particularly around the steering system. Loss of a screw here could cause a serious accident. Take special care to install the servos correctly." - Tamiya

Trouble Shooting Electric R/C Cars

Source: Tamiya R/C Cars

"Double sided servo tape will lossen after much use, so it should be replaced periodically. Keep the speed control switch clean and lubricated. Replace worn or damaged parts prior to failure with Tamiya original spare parts. Maintain your car properly and it will last for may years with trouble free operation."

  1. Is something caugth between the gears?
  2. Does the motor run normally?
  3. Is the battery charged?
  4. Is the wiring disconnected or cut?
  5. Is the fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped?

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