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Traxxas TMaxx RTR Review 

About the Traxxas TMaxx
Pictures of the T Maxx
Reviews of the Traxxas Nitro TMaxx
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About the Traxxas TMaxx

The Traxxas TMaxx now comes with more nitro power (60%) and less weight, propelling the nitro or gas powered Traxxas truck to speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour!

Traxxas Tmaxx Nitro Engine

The TRX 2.5 racing engine now produces 60% more power than its predecessor.

Traxxas Tmaxx Truck Suspension

Track width is over 1 inch wider than the original maxx. There are various mounting positions for shock absorbers, allowing racers the luxury of fine tuning the suspension performance of the Traxxas nitro truck.

Traxxas Tmaxx Chassis

The T-6 aluminum chassis is now 3 mm thick and 50% more rigid. This makes the nitro truck more durable and stable during jumps and racing.

Easy Manual

A 48-page full color manual makes building and tuning the nitro gas truck a breeze. The step by step info is perfect for beginners and experienced hobbyists.

Pictures of the Traxxas T Maxx 2.5 Nitro MT

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Picture of the T Maxx by Traxxas Corporation

Traxxas T Maxx
40mph Traxxas T Maxx

Review of the Traxxas TMaxx Nitro Monster Truck

Quality: 5 stars
Speed: 4 stars
Fun Factor: 5 stars
Price: 4 stars

Overall rating: 4.5 stars (excellent)

* 5 stars is the highest
** Review is the personal opinion of and does not reflect the opinion of other people.

The Traxxas TMaxx ($459) has competition from HPI's Savage 21 Nitro MT ($459) and Tamiya's Terra Crusher Nitro RC Monster Truck ($389). Note that the Tamiya Terra Crusher requires some additional item, push the price to the same range as the Traxxas.

Honestly, these nitro rc monster trucks are expensive as compared to other rc cars and trucks. But good news is the price is for ready to run, meaning these nitro monster rc trucks come complete with radio control system and powerful nitro motors. You will just have to buy very minor items such as nitro fuel.

AND... considering the quality and fun factor... these rc nitro trucks are worth it. The $450 will provide you years of fun.

Reviews posted on forums...

In my opinion, the Tmaxx is the best buy.. I bought my tmaxx after 2 months of research on rc monster trucks..

The other trucks considered were mad force, mega force, savage 21 and the terra crusher.

Tmaxx rules!! huge power, easy maintenance, lots of hop-ups, easy starts and easy tuning... im a newbie too..

I bought 2 TRX 2.5



If you are to ask me T-maxx is my choice. Why, aside from being an awesome truck after sales parts is available. For me that is very important. Forget about the cost in the long run it will pay for its self from those tons of fun. As they say value for money besides you cannot buy pure fun. And that's what this truck got to give.



To me its either the TMAXX or the TERRA.

I got my TERRA from Lils and after solving the damn clutch problem it handles well on dirt and pavement. I plan to upgrade it to .21 soon

I also got the TMAXX 2.5 from Action Hobbies in Petron Greenhills. This I got to say is FAAAAASST comparing it to the TERRA its quicker and agile. They got parts too to back it up and even metal option parts if you wana strengthen your TMAXX. As in the video it really wheeelies !!!

tech key


Buy the Traxxas TMaxx 2.5 and 3.3 Nitro MT

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