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There are two basic types of remote control (rc) cars: the toy types, and the hobby quality car kits.

RC Cars - Toys

These rc cars are usually considered as toys. They are cheap and fun, but they do have limitations.

First, speed is only in the 5 mph range. Toy rc cars are also more or less disposable. If something breaks, there are usually no spare parts available.

I personally started with toys rc cars. They were pretty durable, and will last a long time before breaking. Well worth their cheap price.

Popular models are made by companies such as Tyco, Radio Shack, and Nikko.

RC Cars - Hobby Quality

These are the true remote control cars. Hobby quality rc cars are more fun because of their fast speeds and digital proportional control system.

Beginner ready to run (rtr) cars can have speeds of 12 - 15 mph out of the box, while race quality electric powered rc cars can have speed of 30 - 40 mph.

The popular nitro rc cars usually exceed 50 mph, with the high end 1/8 scale models pushing 70 mph.

Digital proportional control system means that you can finely control the steering and speed. This allows more realistic control over the rc car as compared to a toy car.

Hobby quality rc cars are also made to be repairable and upgradeable. You can buy spare and hop-up parts to make the car more durable and go faster.

One of the big attraction of hobby quality rc cars is that you can customize and personalize them. You can paint the bodies, change the wheels, put modified motors, and more.

Popular models are made by companies such as Associated, HPI Racing, Kyosho, Losi, Mugen, Neo, OFNA, Schumacher, Serpent, Tamiya, and Traxxas.

Buy Toy Cars Online

You can buy toy or hobby quality rc cars online, on sale, at big discounts. They are usually on sale at this online rc hobby shop.

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