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TITC 2012 - Fast and Furious RC Cars

The 2012 Thailand International Touring Car Championship saw some of the fastest electric rc cars racing on the large R/C Addict race track. With all world champions in attendance (i.e. Hara, Surikarn, Moore, Rheinard) this was indeed the biggest racing event in Asia for 2012.

Racers from all over the world gathered in the very hot Thailand. Germany, Australia, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Great Britain, USA, Canada are some of the countries represented.

TITC 2012 RC Racing Video Highlight

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TITC 2012 Photos

RC Addict circuit TITC 2012

Main entrance to the huge RC Addict Circuit. There are two hobby shops selling Tamiya, XRAY, RIDE and other products. On the second floor is a bar/restaurant and the airconditioned VIP rooms.

TITC 2012 RC Addict Race Track

Another perspective. So many spectators watching the A-main of the Modified class. Among the drivers were Hara, Moore, Rheinard and Groskamp. High caliber racing. Fastest of the fast.

RC Cars TITC 2012

The rc cars. Classes where Open Brushless (13.5T SpeedPassion motors), TC Modified (including factory drivers), FWD, Mini and Formula One.

Radio Control Cars TITC 2012

Hundreds of electric powered radio control cars in the 2012 TITC. The fast and furious rc cars.

Tamiya 417x Marc Rheinard TITC 2012

My daughter Porsha with the Tamiya 417x of TRF and 3-times World Champion Marc Rheinard.

TITC 2012 Marc Porsha Jilles

Marc kind enough to let Porsha sit in his chair while Jilles helps in setting up her car.

RC Car TITC 2012 Porsha Jilles TRF Tips

Tamiya TRF driver Jilles Groskamp giving Porsha some tips.

RC Car Hello Kitty TITC 2012

Porsha with her 1/10 Sakura Zero Hello Kitty rc car for the Open Brushless 13.5T class. She also raced in the Modified class with my Tamiya 416WE.

TITC 2012 Porsha Driver Stand

One of the youngest competitors in the event. Surprised to see her run pretty competitive lap times.

TITC 2012 RC Results

Checking the results after each race. Best 4 out of 6 qualifiers.

RC Car Trophies TITC 2012

The beautiful trophies. Maybe next year Porsha.

TITC 2012 Gambada Mini RC Car

Sitting next to me was Perry Leung. Here is his 1/10 Gambada mini rc car which came 2nd overall.

TITC 2012 Tamiya M05 Mini RC Car

Tamiya M05 mini rc car with an interesting white/clear lipo battery case.

TITC 2012 World Champions

High level competition. The A-main drivers. Notice the three past champions (Rheinard, Hara, Moore) next to each other.

TITC 2012 World Champs

World champs doing marshalling. Andy Moore, Jilles Groskamp and Marc Rheinard.

TITC 2012 Philippine Team

The Philippine team. Taka, Porsha, Anton, Gerome, Gerry, Mikey, Jason, Rolly, Felix and Noel.

TITC 2012 RC Car Race Joel Porsha

It was a truly memorable event for me and my daughter. Hope the video and photos entice you to join next year. See you!

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