RC Cars and Trucks

Tires for RC Cars and Trucks

Tires for RC Cars and Trucks

Photo: Various tires for on-road and off-road radio control cars and trucks. Made from rubber, foam or pvc materials.

I decided to open my closet and lay out all the tires I've accumulated in over 30 years in the hobby. Was surprised to count over 150 pairs of rc tyres. In my inventory:

  • Mini tires for the Tamiya M-chassis cars
  • Foam and rubber tires for the Tamiya F1 models
  • Rubber tires for on-road electric touring r/c cars
  • Foam tires for on-road nitro gas car
  • Rubber spiked tires for off-road buggies
  • Drift tires
  • Various truck tires

Tyres for RC Cars

Picture above: My worktable covered with hundreds of r/c tires.

The tires on your rc car or truck are the most important item when it comes to performance. Here are some general tips to choosing the best tire for racing.

Best R/C Tire

The track surface and temperature determines what type of tire, insert and wheel combination to use. This can become an expensive proposition.

R/C Tires, Inserts and Wheels

Photo: Sponge inserts, shaped inserts, r/c rubber tires and wheels. The inserts support the soft rubber tire to ensure maximum contact patch and traction.

Better would be to simply ask the fast guys at your track what tire, insert and wheel they would recommend for you to use. Most people are friendly enough to share this information.

If not, at least take a look at the tire and rim used. Then the only mystery would be to choose the right insert.

RC Tyre Tips

Tyres can be expensive. Here are tips to prolong life and increase traction.

  1. Rub and clean the tire with WD40 oil. This will help keep the tire elastic and improve traction. Prevents tire from drying out.
  2. Always check that the tires are still glued to the rim. Apply new CA glue as needed.
  3. Store in plastic sandwich bags and in a cool place.
  4. The tire inserts can be reused. Simply cut the old tires and reuse the inserts.
  5. There are traction compounds (e.g. Paragon, Mighty Gripper) that increase the traction of tires for racing. Note these are chemicals and may pose some health hazards.
  6. For foam tires, and old trick is to use Suntan Lotion (Coppertone 45). Nowadays, traction compound is first applied, then suntan lotion to prolong the effect of the traction compound.
  7. Setup up your rc car in a manner that does not overheat tires. Usually hard suspensions will tend to overheat tires.

Nowadays it is easy to choose and buy r/c tires. There are many online shops that categorize their popular tires based on the car or truck model.

I'm tired. :)

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