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Associated Nitro TC3 RC Car

THE Nitro TC3 is the new and fast rc touring car from Team Associated. It is a gas powered remote control car capable of 40+ mph out of the box.

The Team Associated Nitro TC3 is the gas powered version of the electric TC3. While electric version was fast, the gas powered "nitro" TC3 is insanely fast.

Below is the specs of the ready to run (rtr), remote control nitro TC3:

Two painted car bodies to choose from. nitro tc3 bodies
Team Associated .12 size 90 degrees port ABC nitro engine. Nitro TC3 engine
Single-speed transmission. Nitro TC3 transmission
Side-exhaust manifold and pipe. Nitro TC3 pipe
Front bumper, composite shock absorbers, adjustable body mounts, quick-fill fuel tank. Nitro tc3 front view
Pre-glued high-grip racing tires with foam inserts. Nitro tc3 rubber tires and mag wheels
Ace Jaguar radio control system with Steering trim, Throttle trim, Throttle ATV high, Throttle ATV low, Steering dual rate. Nitro tc3 radio control system

Pictures from www.teamassociated.com

Nitro TC3 (NTC3) Recommendation

The Associated Nitro TC3 Ready to Run team car also comes with 22 ball bearings to improve speed and durability. 

The retail price from Team Associated is $499.99, but the street price is around $315.00. You will need to buy the glow plug, fuel bottle, and glow starter, which costs only $20. The nitro fuel is around $9.99 per quart.

So for the Associated Nitro TC3 to be completely ready to run, the cost is around $345.

Is it worth it? Let us compare it with the OFNA OB4 Nitro RTR. The OFNA cost around $455, complete with all accessories and fuel. However, OFNA comes with a 2-speed transmission, pushing the OFNA OB4 Nitro rc car past 50+ mph!

The Associated Nitro TC3 RTR comes with a single speed transmission, which can push the car in excess of 35 or 40 mph. You can buy the optional 2-speed transmission ($55) to make the car as fast as the OFNA.

In the end, I find the Associated Nitro TC3 RTR to be slightly better than the OFNA. If I was a beginner, I would definitely buy the nitro TC3. However, as some of you already know, I own an older version of the OFNA touring car. And I like it.

So what to buy? If I were to choose today, I would buy the Associated Nitro TC3 RTR, and just have lots of fun with it. And yes, it is definitely worth it.


P.S. Did I mention that Team Associated has produced many world champion rc cars and trucks? That means when you buy a nitro TC3, you are buying a true remote control racing car.

Reviews of Nitro TC3 (NTC3) as posted in RC forums...

The car is so smooth and free on the track and the acceleration and corner speed is great!!!

I got a chance to really work the car last weekend, not under race conditions but some good run time and this thing is very very nice!! The 2 speed took about 4 tanks of fuel to really began to work right and same with the brakes. I can't believe how free the car is! I worked with the conversion for 2 years and could never get it this free. Who ever said AE could never get a shaft drive car as free as a belt car are dead wrong!

Charleston WV 

* * *

Finally got some nice weather so my son and I decided to break in our motors (OS TR) Wow does this car coast.....I can't believe how free wheeling this car is. We never really got a chance to drive it other than up and down the street but so far I am impressed.

Central Ohio 

* * *

Yep...ran the stock setup. I could find no faults with the car. It's really easy to drive with that setup. Some might want a little more steering, but I didn't want to mess with near perfection.

Kevin P.
Tracy, Ca 

* * *

NEWS FLASH!!!!!READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!NITRO TC3!!!! in the new issue of R/C car!............Front cover.....Associated's new nitro tc3 has everything but a drag chute.........Table of contents.......Tc3.........Consider the bar raised.............Grades in road test.....Acceleration....B-.........Top speed....A+ (If they're were a higher score, we'd award it to the TC3..........Braking...A+ (flawless brake system)......Steering ...A.....Shifting....A......Maintenance....A (take that Serpent, Mugen, and Reflex).......Durability...A...(really take that, Kyosho, YOKOMO, REFLEX)................Happy dreams guys............


Buy Nitro TC3

You can buy the Team Associated Nitro TC3 for sale, online. The link below will take you to a good and highly recommended online rc hobby shop.

Buy the 1/10 Associated Nitro TC3 RTR Dodge Stratus (Blue)

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