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Tamiya TRF 416X

Update: The Tamiya 416X is the new 2010 IFMAR World On-Road Champion car. Capturing first and third place. Tamiya is still the most successful and fastest on-road touring car.

The TRF 416X is the latest 1/10 scale on-road r/c racing car from Tamiya. Looks good and should be a favorite to win the IFMAR 2010 electric on-road world championship.

Tamiya 416X On-Road R/C Car

Photo of the Tamiya 416X 1/10 Electric On-Road R/C Car

Tamiya 416X: motor 1mm to the center * rear ball diff shifted 1.8mm towards rear to improve traction and acceleration * wider front bulkhead * new carbon 2.55mm lower and 2mm upper deks * direct coupling front pulley.

Review and Feedback

  • Screws are aligned symmetrically to ensure equal chassis flex from left to right for better and more consistent handling.
  • Some give feedback that the 416 is easier on the rubber tires.
  • Set-up for 416X is very similiar to WE or 416.
  • As motor is more to centerline, weight balance on the lipo battery side must also be more to the centerline.


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