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Tamiya TA05 v2 IFS Mach GoGoGo

Tamiya RC - TA05 version 2 Mach Gogogo

Photo: 1/10th Tamiya TA-05 IFS v2 Mach Gogogo 4wd electric rc car. Body needs to be painted from the inside.

My daughter wanted to buy a new r/c car. We stopped by the local Tamiya hobby shop and looked around. There she bought the Tamiya TA05 version 2 chassis with the Mach GoGoGo rc body.

Radio Control Tamiya Ta05 4wd Car

Photo: Porsha building the radio control Tamiya Ta05 ifs chassis.

My daughter Porsha wanted to learn how to assemble and build a radio control car. So I let her do it by following the manual which had detailed drawings. Screwing parts was difficult for a 9 year old. And sometimes it was difficult to follow the drawings.

I would suggest an adult help out when it comes to building the Tamiya TA05 chassis.

Tamiya TA05 IFS v2 Chassis

Photo: The assembled Tamiya TA05 chassis. The battery, radio control system and speed controller are not included in the kit and need to be bought separately.

As we had an original TA05 with hop up parts, we decided to put these parts on the version 2 chassis kit. As this r/c car would be raced in the Tamiya Asia Cup series, I put a Tamiya 2400 NiCad battery pack, TEU 104 speed controller and Tamiya M2 radial tires.

RC Car Tamiya TA05 v2

Pictured: The finished product. The Hello Kitty body caught a lot of attention at the racetrack. A few racers took photos of it. My daughter raced this rc car in the 15 and below Jr. Stock touring car class. Happy to say she won the 14 race series.

Tamiya TA05 Review 

This Tamiya remote control car IFS chassis is very good. My 9 year old daughter won a race with her first time out racing this kit. Chassis has a good balance and neutral driving feel.

I would recommend that you buy some parts such as:

  1. Spare spur gears and pinions. So that you can adjust the motor gearing to suite your track.
  2. Tires. Most of tuning and performance comes from correct tire, insert and wheel choice.
  3. Spare arms and hubs.

The original TA05 was a good chassis. The version 2 improves on that with lighter suspension arms and narrow chassis that puts the battery and motor weight closer to the center line for better handling.

I highly recommend the 1/10 Tamiya TA05 version 2. Buy it at your local hobby shop or from online r/c stores.

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