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Tamiya R/C Guide Book

"The Tamiya R/C Guide Book will extend your interest in R/C cars. As well as beautiful color photos of all Tamiya R/C models, many intersting articles are written about making models, techniques of driving, how to race and so on. In addition to new products, we are adding new articles to this book so the latest information is here." - Tamiya

Tamiya R/C Guide Book

Source: Tamiya R/C Cars

"If you are new to R/C cars, or even if you already have the old R/C guide book, try the new up-to-date version to keep up on what's happening."

  1. Basic knowledge of electric r/c car. From construction to how to select cars.
  2. Introduction to various contests.
  3. Techniques of how to drive.
  4. Equipment and adjustment. There is much information including a list of R/C products, spare parts, etc. in this book.
  5. It's got everything about R/C cars in this book!

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