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Tamiya RC F1 Wolf Racing

Tamiya RC Cars 2010  >  Tamiya RC F1 Wolf Racing

Tamiya RC F1 Wolf Racing

Photo Credit: Tamiya.com

This is a 1/10 scale Formula 1 rc car. Comes with a stock 540 Mabuchi brushed motor. You will need to supply your own radio controller and electronic equipment. Suitable for clean and flat surface. This radio control car is very simple in design and to assemble. However, being a lightweight rear wheel drive F1 car, it can be difficult to drive like it's full scale counterpart.

To make driving easier, you can buy foam tires. Those provide more grip in general than the kit rubber tires. Get the softest compound for the rear and the hardest compound for the front. That should give it an understeer setup and make it very easy to drive.

The kit is very durable with the large front bumper protecting the wing and the front a-arms. But I do suggest getting a spare front a-arm as these do bend or eventually break after many crashes.

Maintenance is very easy. Pay attention to building a smooth ball differential. Generally rebuild the diff after about an hour of playing. Other than that, oil the bearings. That's it.

Summary: If you are looking for a simple, cheap and fast rc car, Tamiya F1s are a good choice. But you do need some patience and driving skill to fully enjoy the kit. Once you get the hang of it, very fun to drive.

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