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1st Tamiya R/C Car Race - SM Megamall

13 March 2010 - The first ever Tamiya radio control car race inside SM Megamall attracted a lot of racers and spectators. Here are photos and videos of the fun and exciting event.

Tamiya R/C Car Track in SM Megamall

Photo: Early morning practise session. Mall already filled with spectators up to the third level. Track was excellent, exciting racing layout and good carpet.

Tamiya M05 Mini R/C Car Chassis

Photo: Here is my pit table. Tamiya M05 mini r/c car, electric fan and cold drink. Yes I still use a cheap Futaba AM transmitter. It still gets the job done.

Video: Here is a 360 degree view of the track and venue. You can watch more videos at my Youtube channel, username is rccartips.

There were two championships to be decided, the Tamiya GT class and the Tamiya Mini M-chassis class. Racing was close throughout the day with final results going down to the 3rd and final race for each category.

Here are the results:

Tamiya Mini Class

  1. Joel Mangilit
  2. Joseph Salcedo
  3. Noel Aldaba

Tamiya GT Class

  1. Yuichiro Takaya
  2. Joseph Salcedo
  3. JP Reyes

Video: Short footage of the Tamiya Mini class A-main race. Hope to see you race as well.

More than winning, it was also having a good time seeing long lost old friends racing again. It was also the first time I've spent 13 hours inside the SM Megamall (practise started 9am, racing finished 10pm). At least it was aircon and food readily available :)

Tamiya Mini 1st Place Winner

Photo: Lucky to win 1st Place. With my reflexes slowing down due to old age, I relied on experience to avoid mistakes and accidents with other cars. Clean runs helped me secure a 2nd, 1st, 1st in the triple A-mains and overall 1st Place.

Ges holding my mini r/c car

Photo: Also thanks to my wife Ges for letting me race even though it was her birthday. Happy birthday!

Tamiya R/C Open Competition

Thanks to Lils Hobby Center and Tamiya for making such an event happen. They are doing a great job exposing and promoting the hobby by staging events inside malls.

This is a great and fun hobby. Hope to see you racing soon.

Till next time!

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