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Tamiya RC Car F104W Chassis

Tamiya RC Cars 2010  >  Tamiya F104W Chassis

Tamiya F103 and F104 hybrid rc car F104W

Photo Credit: Tamiya.com

The 1/10 Tamiya F104W chassis is a hybrid of the F103 and F104 Formula One chassis. It is as wide as an F103 (200mm) and as long as an F104. This should be the most stable and fastest Tamiya F1 chassis yet.

Tamiya F104W Review

I have some experience with the F103 and F104 chassis. Curious, I tried out the F104W setup. As expected, it felt more stable than my F103 yet still nimble around corners. If you are going to buy an F1, might as well buy this chassis. But note, if you plan on racing, check with your local organizer if the F104W is allowed.

Summary: If you are looking for a simple, cheap and fast rc car, Tamiya F1s are a good choice. But you do need some patience and driving skill to fully enjoy the kit. Once you get the hang of it, very fun to drive.

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