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Tamiya Mini M-Chassis R/C Cars

One of the most popular r/c cars are the Tamiya minis, also called m-chassis. These models evolved from the M01, M02, M03, M04 and now the newest, the M05 chassis. These are 2 wheel drive mini r/c cars that are easy to build, have realistic r/c car bodies and are fun to race.

Tamiya Mini R/C Cars - M03, M04, M05

Every year Tamiya sponsors a World Championship event and minis are one of the most popular class.

Tamiya M06

The much anticipated rwd model will soon be released. For fans of rear wheel drive rc cars, we can hardly wait to buy one.

Tamiya M05

The newest fwd model. A lot of touring car drivers like this car. Easy to setup and very stable. Available in various wheelbase (short = 210mm, medium=225mm and long=237mm). Popular rc kit bodies are the Suzuki Swift, Fiat Arbart, Datsun 280ZX (i.e. Nissan Fairlady Z) and now the Honda S800.

Tamiya M04

This is a rear wheel drive model that comes in medium and long wheelbase. Popular bodies such as the Mazda Miata and Mercedes Benz SLR. I love this r/c car and recently won the 2009 Futaba Cup against M03s and M05s. Being rwd has the advantage of less wheelspin when accelerating and smoother around corners.

Below is a video of me racing my M04 in the Tamiya Asia Cup held in Hong Kong. Watched by thousands of people as the race was inside a popular Hong Kong mall.

Tamiya M03

One of the most popular chassis. It is simple and clean in design. I recently used this chassis in the 2009 Tamiya Asia Cup held in Thailand. Below is a video of a mini exhibition race in TAC 2009. Racing next to me is 2009 European Champion Jilles Groskamp.

Tamiya M02

Already discontinued, but a great collector's item. Here is a photo of my Tamiya M02 with a Mercedes Benz body.

Tamiya Mini M02

Tamiya M01

Already discontinued, but a great collector's item.

Racing Events

Here are some exciting events, hope to see you join in the fun hobby of mini rc car racing.

24 April 2010 - Tamiya Mini R/C Cars in Asia Cup Warm Up Race
20 March 2010 - Tamiya Mini Racing in Meralco Event
13 March 2010 - Tamiya RC Car Race in SM Megamall

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