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Tamiya M06 M-Chassis RC Car

Finally the return of the rear wheel drive design for the Tamiya M-chassis mini class. This design will give good forward grip over fwd minis.

Tamiya M06 Pro Chassis

The Tamiya M06 PRO chassis is also designed with adjustable wheelbase (210mm, 225mm, 239mm). This will allow you to run almost all the popular mini rc bodies currently in the market.

Tamiya M06 Pro RC Car Video

Main design improvement is the low center of gravity and rear mounted electric motor for better weight distribution and rear end stablity.

A lot of parts from old models such as the M05 can be used on the Tamiya M06 such as tires, mini shock absorbers and bodies.

I can't wait to get one to build, review, play and race competitively. Stay tuned for more  updates on this mini rc car.

Visit the Tamiya Mini page for more info about past models such as the M02, M03, M04 and M05 m-chassis radio control cars.

With Fully Loaded Hop Up Parts

Item 54179 M-05 Ball Bearing Set
Item 53642 5mm Alu. Ball Connector (Blue)
Item 42168 Touring Car Short Spring Set (Black)
Item 54000 Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black)
Item 54121 Alu. Horn for Hi-Torque Servo Saver
Item 54195 M-05 Alu. Turnbuckle Steering Rod
Item 54193 M-05 Alu. Steering Post
Item 54192 M-05 Alu. Steering Link
Item 50746 CVA Super Mini Shock Unit Set (Clear)
Item 53539 5.5mm Alu. Spacer Set
Item 53456 TA04 Turnbuckle Upper Arm Set
Item 53159 4mm Anodized Flange Lock Nuts (Blue)

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