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Tamiya Asia Cup Qualifier Round 3

2 March 2013 - Spent a lot of time removing the slop from steering and suspension. Balanced the chassis left to right. Cleaned the bearings and used lightweight Singer mineral oil. Softened the springs.

Effort was well worth it. Porsha (12 years old) finished a close 2nd against a field of adults. The M06 is starting to come alive!

Tamiya M06 M-chassis Balance

Watch the video of the M06 versus M05. A close battle.

Porsha's Tamiya M06 today. Gone is the TEU 104 esc, replaced by a Keyence Rapida Pro. Besides rc car setup, key is driving technique. Porsha changed her driving so that steering hand hardly moves. This helps keep corner speed and prevent spinouts. Her M06 is now practically as fast as the fastest M05 in our country (see video above). Will miss Round 4 but looking forward to Round 5.

Tamiya M06 RC Car TAC 2013

Tamiya Asia Cup 2013 Round 2

For 2013 my daughter decided to rejoin the local Tamiya mini m-chassis races. Back in 2011 she was runner up in the championship running a Tamiya M05. Will now race the 2013 season using a rear wheel drive Tamiya M06. Here you will find Tamiya M06 videos, setups and tuning tips. Updated almost every 2 weeks.

Tamiya M06 Mini Racing - Setup\

Tamiya M06 vs M05

The M06 is rear wheel drive while the M05 is front wheel drive. Advantage of the M06 is excellent grip when accelerating. It seems to have a narrow window for setup, either it is understeer or very oversteer. Hard to find the perfect neutral balance. You need to be a good driver to get the maximum peformance out of the chassis.

Tamiya M06 Chassis - Review and Tips

For baseline chassis setup, I simply asked my good friend Yuichiro Takaya.

Front Rear
Tires Tamiya M-grip w/ soft insert Tamiya S-grip w/ hard insert
Springs Red Yellow
Oil 600wt 400wt
Piston 3 hole 3 hole
Ride height 6mm 3mm
Camber 1.5 1.5
Traction Compound 20% inner part of tire 100% of rear tire

9 Feb 2013 - Arriving early at the track, my daughter tested various tire combinations. Even using same type of rear tires, the performance varies from pair to pair of tires. Some of my S-grip pair of tires give better grip than another pair. Best is to test tires and not rely on just the type.

After tires, it is traction compound. Brand, how much you put and for how long before your race starts is important. Here is my finding:

Brand - Dominant is NASA Mighty Gripper 2. But it is very expense, around $20 USD per 100ml. I brewed my own using a mixture of wintergreen, paint thinner, etc. And fortunately it performed better than NASA, so I can save a lot of money for the season.

How Much to Put - For the rear tires, always 100% full width of traction compound. The key is the front, too much and the car will oversteer, too little it will understeer. After testing 20% - 40%, my daughter found 20% to be best. 20% on the inner part of the front tires.

How Long - I started with 10 minutes, but my daughter noticed the grip going away at the 4 minute mark. We then let the tires soak for 15 minutes. She liked it as grip was consistent for the entire 5 minute race.

Results - Below is a video showing the performance of her Tamiya M06. It is the white Miata body starting 5th on the grid. You can see the excellent acceleration from the sound of the tone. Already up to 3rd in just 1 corner.

Here is how I would rate the performance for the race day.

M06 setup and handling - 8.5/10
Driving - 9/10 (the M06 is a hard car to drive, and to have the lead at one point is a good result)
Power - 8/10 (my fault, I need to give the car a better esc and motor)

To sum up, my daughter was very excited at the end of the day. "It has potential" as she smiled and looked forward to the next race.

Stay tuned as we post our setup and findings on race 3 which is on March 2.

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