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Tamiya Drift RC Cars

There are four main Tamiya radio control chassis models to choose from in 2011. These are all 1/10 scale, electric powered, 4wd on-road drift cars. Below is the Tamiya advertisement I've seen in Xtreme RC Cars magazine.

Tamiya Drift RC Cars

Tamiya TT01D - Entry level chassis to get you started quickly in rc drifting. Many licensed rc bodies from Datsun, Nissan, Lexus, BMW, Subaru, etc.

Tamiya TB03D - Excellent chassis. Shaft drive 4wd to give a direct response throttle feel.

Tamiya TB03 VDS - Designed purely for drifting with relocated motor position.

Tamiya TA05 VDF -High level chassis for drift competition. The Tamiya TA05 Vertical Double Frame was designed with optimum weight balance. The Gold Edtion is simply stunning to look at.

Below are just some of the 1/10 Tamiya drift rc cars. All electric powered and four wheel drive. Estimated sale price in USD.

Tamiya Drift

Overall I would choose the Tamiya TB03D as the best value. Chassis is more durable and tuneable than the TT01 with only a slight difference in price. The TB03 VDS and TA05 VDF are simply too expensive. But a lot of drifters do seek these high end Tamiya rc drift cars.

Here I am having fun drifting in my garage track with my Tamiya drifter.

I enjoy this hobby very much, hope you do too.

Where to Buy Tamiya RC Drift Cars

Here are the steps:

  1. Find a Tamiya distributor nearest your area.
  2. If you want to shop online, try the online rc store. Listed are some shops to get you started.

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