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Street RC Cars

"Although I am fortunate enough to live very near an rc car racetrack, sometimes I would just like to wake up, step outside the house, and start playing with my remote controlled cars and trucks." - Joel

Most of us would just like to play with our rc cars and trucks in the backyard or the street (be careful, do not play in a street where real cars run). We just want a fun rc car to play around with.

Below are reviews of street rc cars and trucks.


The HPI Dash are ready to run electric powered street rc cars. They are cheap, and perfect for playing in a deserted street or parking lot. They are 1/10 scale ready built electric remote controlled cars.

Picture of a street rc car

Click here to read more about the HPI Dash RTR street rc cars.

1/18 Scale HPI Micro RS4 RTR

"Imagine yourself and your friends racing rc cars indoors, in garages, or on the street. You can do this because of the small size of the HPI micro rs4."

The HPI Micro RS4 RTR are 1/18th scale electric powered street rc cars that are ready-to-run out of the box. A single belt 4-wheel drive system, makes the small car fast yet easy to drive, even for beginners.

Click here to read more about the HPI Micro RS4 RTR mini street rc cars.

Tamiya Honda CRV

This is one of my favorites in my collection. It looks so real, I feel like I am driving a real Honda CRV truck. I bought this in 1998 for around $120 (kit only), and the picture below was taken April 2003 in a local park.

Tamiya honda crv electric rc truck

Click here to read more about the Tamiya Honda CRV electric rc truck.

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