Street racing rc cars at 60+ mph.
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Street Racing 60+ MPH RC Cars

Watching movies such as the "Fast and The Furious" really spurs the excitement of street racing cars. However, this is very dangerous and against the law.

But... a good way to satisfy your need for speed while not endangering others is to get into the hobby of street racing rc cars. These nitro powered radio controlled cars are capable of beating real BMW's, Mustangs, Chevy's, and other popular street racing cars to 60 mph.

0 - 60 MPH in 3 Seconds Street Racing

1/8 scale radio control gas cars are capable of 0 - 60 mph in as little as 3 seconds! This is really fast, isn't it?

There are also permanent rc tracks where you can safely race these nitro rc cars. Up to more than 10 cars can be raced simultaneously... more than enough to have real racing fun.

No permanent rc track? Simple go to an empty parking lot and street race rc cars with your friends. Just be safety conscious, as 60+ mph can cause serious injuries.

Fast and the Furious Street Racing Cars

RC cars are modeled after real life, popular street racing cars such as the Toyota Supra in the movie "The Fast and the Furious." These 1/10 or 1/8 scale look so real, and are actually faster to 60 mph than the real thing.

Picture of Ferrari Modena street racing car.
1/10 scale Ferrari Modena Street RC Car

Technical Specifications of Nitro RC Cars

1/10 scale nitro rc cars have 2-stroke nitro engines capable of producing 1 hp, have 2 speed transmissions, sticky rubber tires, and tuned exhaust pipes. Speeds up to 60+ miles per hour!

1/8 scale gas rc cars are the cream of the crop for the hobby. These are the fastest street racing cars you will find in the hobby. How about 3 hp engines, 3 speed transmissions, foam tires, and tuned exhaust pipes to push these cars past 70 miles per hour! This is fast enough to get your adrenaline pumping!

Picture of Serpent 70+ mph gas rc street car.
1/8 scale Serpent gas rc car with street speed of 70+ mph.

Buy Street Racing RC Cars

You can buy street racing cars online at a fraction of the price you will spend on a real street racing car.

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