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Speed Secrets to Driving an R/C Car Faster

Here are some items I picked up while reading "Inner Speed Secrets: Mental Strategies to Maximize Your Racing Performance" book by Ross Bentley. Hope this helps in our quest to drive faster.

  • The real key to winning races is not the race car, but you, the driver.
  • And the key to your performance, whether you win or lose, is your mind.
  • Prime overall factor determining you performance level in and out of the race car is mental.
  • Race drivers work on strategies for the mind.
  • Visual processing skills, psychomotor response times, dynamic awareness, muscle response and control are no less critical components than the engineering and set-up of a race car.
  • Mind is the cause of our performance in a race car.
  • Concentration, focus, consistency, control emotions.
  • The goal is to get 100% out of yourself.
  • Car Performance Level (0 - 100%), Your SKill Level (0 - 100%), Your Performance Level (0 - 100%).

And here are tips from "Speed Secrets 4: Engineering the Driver" by Ross Bentley.

  • A confident driver in a less than perfect race car will be faster than an unconfident driver in a perfect race car.

From "Speed Secrets 2":

  • If your car is not handling well during a race, adapt your driving to best suit the way it is handling.
  • Car control skills, speed sensing, traction sensing, consistency, strength and endurance.

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