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Timeline of RC Car Tips Website for 2003

RC Car Tips Site History

Date New Pages Unique Visitors Per Day Alexa.com Ranking
Dec 11 Created new site RC Monster Trucks, dedicated to the hobby of remote control trucks. 1,307 155,811
Nov 12 The new trend is mini rc trucks. And on the big size, the HPI Savage 25 is a really fast rc truck. Over 1074 downloads of the nitro rc cars ebook. 1175 169,618
Sept 24 Over 130 pages about rc cars and rc trucks. The newsletter Remote Control Trucks (Special Issue 17) is a buyers guide to remote controlled trucks. 

Over 1039 subscribers, and over 803 downloads of the nitro rc cars ebook.

970 180,985
Sept 9 The popular Traxxas Emaxx and the Losi Mini-T. Two different trucks, but both offer fun in their own ways. Over 600 downloads of the book "Secrets of Nitro RC Cars." 887 232,825
Aug 1 More pages and recommendations such as the Traxxas Rustler RTR Truck. 955
July 24 The RC Car Tips Newsletter has also grown to have 450 subscribers, and still growing.

More fun, added airplanes, helicopters, and boats pages. Also put up toy cars and nikko rc cars.

June 28 Lots of new content, especially the free ebook "Secrets of Nitro RC Cars." 590
May 23 Added tons of pages this month. Too many to list here, so simply visit the site map page.
Apr 28 New pages: HPI Micro RS4 RTR and HPI Savage 21 Nitro Monster Truck 250 317,416
reach 1.5
pv 4.7
Apr 23 Redesigned the website. Made shopping for rc cars and trucks easier. Sent out special discount offer to buy cheap rc cars and trucks online to the 206 current mailing list subscribers. 230 330,265
pv 5.1
Apr 02 Added RC car companies such as Associated, HPI, Kyosho, and Tamiya. Also put Feb and April Newsletter online. New pages: HPI Nitro Rush and Traxxas T-Maxx. 205 367,957
Mar 17 No new pages... I am in Japan for a 6-week IT training. March was a good month, a lot of you bought rc cars and trucks from the online rc hobby shop. 200 ~
Feb 08 Added page on buying tips. How-to, what, and where to buy rc cars. 107 615,785
Feb 07 Added page on driving tips. How-to drive fast and more consistently. 100 814,000
Feb 06 Added page on rc gas equipment. Learn what equipment are needed to run a remote control gas car. 95  814,000
Feb 02 2 people bought from the online shop. Welcome to the hobby, and may you have fun for years to come! 90 1,900,000
Jan 28 1 person bought from the online shop. Welcome to the RC Car hobby. 90 1,900,000
Jan 27 Google.com has indexed rccartips.com. Traffic jumped from 10 to 80 visitors/day! 80 1,900,000
Jan 2 - 26 Less than 10 visitors/day. Expected because site is new. < 10 na
Jan 1 I love RC cars, so I decided to put up a web site that promotes the hobby. And on this day, www.rccartips.com was born. 0 na

 Alexa.com ranks web site in terms of popularity, Yahoo has a ranking of 1.
 PV means page views.

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