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Side by Side Comparison of Popular 1/10 Short Course R/C Trucks

Hi, here is a tabulated comparison of the Traxxas Slash vs Associated SC10 vs Losi Strike vs HPI Blitz. These are 1/10 scale, 2wd electric powered short course rc trucks that are ready to run.

Short Course RC Trucks Comparison Summary

Traxxas Slash Associated SC10 Losi Strike HPI Blitz
Scale 1/10 1/10 1/10 1/10
Motor Titan 12T 550 Reedy 17-turn 12T Firebolt 15T
ESC XL-5 XP SC200 Lipo compatible SC-15
Drivetrain 2wd 2wd 2wd 2wd
Type Shaft Shaft Shaft Shaft
Differential  Planetary Gear Gear
Tires Slash 2.2" Multi-terrain All terrain SCT
Width 296mm 293mm 296mm 296mm
Wheelbase 335mm 327mm 347mm 329mm
Weight 2160gm 2080gm 1950gm
Radio Traxxas TQ XP2 Spektrum 2.4GHz tech TF-1
Est. Price $189 $214 $229 $189
Battery Not included Not included Not included
Awards RCCA 2009 Truck of the Year
Bodies ProGraphix painted bodies 6 different bodies Red and Blue Orange and Black
Front Oil 50wt Losi 30wt
Rear Oil 60wt Losi 30wt
Front Height Arms level Arms level
Rear Height Slightly below level Arms level
Front Toe 1 deg toe out 0 deg
Front Camber -2 deg -2 deg
Rear Camber -2.5 deg -2 deg
Diff 300Kwt

Any of the above trucks are competitive out of the box. It's simply a matter of preference. Some are loyal to the Brand. Some will buy based on price. And some will buy the fastest and best handling out of the box.

For me, my personal choice in order of preference:

  1. HPI Blitz - One of the cheapest out of the box. Main strength is low center of gravity and great handling.
  2. Team Associated - Very popular in our local racing scene. Strength is the chassis design and Team Associated's reputation for building world championship winning off road trucks and buggies. Low center of gravity a plus.
  3. Traxxas Slash - The pioneer in this class. Price is the lowest and it is very competitive in our local racing scene. The high center of gravity is a disadvantage during racing. But for bashing, the high center of gravity is good, allowing you to travel over rocks without getting hung up.
  4. Losi Strike - More expensive but higher quality electronics. The 12T motor should make it one of the fastest out of the box. And when it comes to off road, Team Losi is one of the leaders in producing race winning buggies and trucks.

Tips: The motors that come with the kit might be too much for the kit esc. Maybe better to change to a milder 23T motor.

Other reviews and shootouts:

RCSoup.com - 1) Associated SC10, 2) Kyosho Ultima, 3) Losi XXX-SCT, 4) Traxxas Slash, 5) HPI Blitz.

In summary all are great rc trucks. This is one of the cheapest class to get started in racing or simply bash around your backyard. Highly recommended from beginners to very experience racers. Basically a fun class that is why it is so popular today. If you don't have a local hobby shop, visit the r/c store page for a list of online rc hobby shops where you can buy these at discounted prices.


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