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Here are some selected Youtube video of short course trucks racing indoors and outdoors. On carpet and on dirt tracks. Watch as these r/c trucks easily handle the big jumps.

1. Team Associated SC10 4x4 versus Losi TEN-SCTE 4WD.

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2. Highlights of 4-wheel drive short course radio control rc trucks racing in the big outdoor off-road dirt track of Sonic Boom. Big jumps, big crashes, lot's of dirt being kick up. Lot's of fun!

3. 1/10 scale short course radio control r/c trucks racing in Sonic Boom off-road track. Associated SC10, HPI Blitz, Traxxas Slash and Losi Strike.

4. Here is the first rc short course rc truck race in the Philippines held in Tiendesitas Mall on 10 August 2009.

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