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Shizuoka RC Hobby Show 2012

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Kyosho, Tamiya, Yokomo, HPI Racing, ABC Hobby, Futaba and Sanwa. Exciting from Tamiya is the new Suzuki Jimmy Wheelie WR-01 and the XV01 Pro rally chassis. Photos and video.

Tamyiya Suzuki Jimmy Wheeler RC Jeep

Photo: Seems to be a favorite among hobbyists. Wild Willy driving a Suzuki Jimmy. Credit: Waigo Hobbies

Below is a good Youtube video of the Tamiya booth.

And here are the new radio control cars, trucks and electronics from other well known brands. Time to get our wallets and credit cards. :)

Kyosho RC Cars

2012 Sizuoka RC Hobby Show Kyosho
  • Moto Racer Mini-Z motorcycle
  • V-One R4 SP nitro
  • V-One SR
  • Spada O9L nitro pan car
  • TF-5S touring car
  • Lazer ZX-5 FS
  • Mini Z and D Nano KT-18 radio controller
  • DRX VE
  • Orion Advantage Touch charger
  • DSlot 43
  • Mini-Z
  • 1/42 D Nano
  • 1/12 Plazma RA Orion Edition
  • Inferno GT2 Racing Spec
  • DMT VE-R monster truck
  • Evolva M3 Evo nitro powered
  • Inferno MP9 TKI3 1/8 nitro buggy
  • KF01 nitro F1 car
  • Metal Master 4 rc heli

Kyosho Photos

Tamiya RC Cars

2012 Shizuoka RC Hobby Show Tamiya
  • Suzuki Jimmy Wheelie WR-01
  • XV01 Pro rally chassis
  • Mini 4wd Racers
  • Wild One Off Roader
  • DT-02
  • DB02 4wd buggy chassis
  • Toyota 4x4 Pickup Bruiser
  • Street Rover
  • Hornet Jun Watanabe
  • Super Fighter GR
  • 1/12 RM-01 Porsche 956
  • 1/12 TRF RM-01
  • Team Lotus Type 102B
  • F104W GP Link Type
  • F104 ver II Pro
  • FF-03R
  • TA05-VDFII
  • TRF 417X

Yokomo RC Cars

2012 Shizuoka RC Hobby Show Yokomo

  • Yokomo radio controller
  • Yokomo Turbo BLRS2 ESC
  • Yokomo Turbo BL-R3 ESC
  • Yokomo Lipo
  • Yokomo 1/12 setup station
  • Yokomo Drift Package Type C Special
  • Yokomo GT500R SSG
  • Yokomo R12
  • Yokomo BD5WX
  • 1/10 2wd BMAx 2 buggy
  • miniQLO palm size rock crawler

Yokomo Photos

HPI Racing RC Cars

2012 Shizuoka RC Hobby Show HPI Racing

  • Super 5 SC Flux RTR
  • RTR Bullet MT Flux
  • RTR Ford Fiesta Rally
  • Hot Bodies nitro touring
  • Hot Bodies TCXX
  • Apache C1
  • RTR Savage X 4.6 Special Edition
  • 1/8 gasoline engine
  • Blitz ESE Pro Flux SC kit

HPI Photos

ABC Hobby RC Cars

2012 Shizuoka RC Hobby Show ABC

  • Honda CZ-R
  • Goose Spec 2 Naked
  • Toyota Supra
  • HIACE custom
  • Fairlady Z
  • Bluebird
  • Lipo 8 AC/DC charger

ABC Hobby Photos

Radio Control and Electronics

  • Airtronics / Sanwa M12 radio control system
  • Airtronics / Sanwa MX-V
  • Sanwa RX-471 / Airtronics 92014 (2.4GHz FHSS 4 / FHSS 3)
  • Sanwa RX-462 Telemetry System / Airtronics 92011 FH4T receiver
  • Sanwa servos
  • Futaba 4PK Super R
  • Futaba GYC430, GY430, GYA431, GYA430 gyro
  • Futaba S-bus servo (S3070HV, S3071HV, S3072HV, S3072SV)
  • Futabas R6303SB and R6303SBE
  • K0 Propo EX-1 radio controller

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