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1/8 Serpent S811 Cobra Gas RC Buggy

Off-Road Gas RC Buggies  >  Serpent 811 Cobra 

Serpent s811 Cobra Gas RC Buggy

Photo credit: Serpent.com There are two models for 2012.

S811 Cobra Buggy - TE 1/8 (Team Edition)

S811 Cobra Buggy - 1/8 Sport, Ready-to-Run

1/8 Gas Buggy Review

Serpent S811 Cobra Gas RC Buggy Review

A great review and photos by www.radioracecar.com, a popular UK R/C Magazine. Some of their comments.

  • World class design and development
  • Big bore super smooth shocks
  • Innovative features throughout
  • Quality of all materials used
  • Fuel tank filter design

"I think the Serpent is by far the best performing Rally X I have ever driven." Steve Allen, RCCi

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Where to Buy Serpent Off-Road Gas Buggies

Here is a list of Serpent R/C hobby shops. Or try the rc store page.

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