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Scale RC Cars and Trucks

I love radio control cars and trucks that look like the real thing. Here are a couple of beautiful r/c trucks seen at our local race track. Not only looks, but light and sound package make these even more realistic. This segment of the hobby is called Scale R/C.

Scale RC

Above is the Tamiya King Hauler Big Rig r/c truck owned by Mr. JP (those are his feet in the photo). Looks so real. It has a three speed manual transmission and controlled by a 5 channel radio control system. More than just a toy.

Tamiya is a company well known for producing very scale remote control models of real cars and trucks. The bodies are also officially licensed so you are getting a true scale model.

Scale r/c model of a big rig truck.

Front view photo of the Tamiya King Hauler. Looks so real.

Also spotted was a Tamiya Toyota Tundra scale r/c pickup truck. If you are a fan of pickups then this is a must buy model. Comes with a three speed transmission and is even operated with a clutch system like a full scale truck. Slipping the clutch in first gear allows you to do rock crawling or go up steep inclines.

Scale rc of a Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

Underchassis photo shows the attention to detail. Ladder frame chassis, 3-speed transmission, propeller shafts, slipper clutch, full-time 4wd, chrome exhausts and lockable differentials.

Scale r/c of a Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck

Photo of a Toyota Tundra radio controlled highlift pickup truck.

Tamiya also sells a pick up truck multi-function unit called and MFC-02 which will add engine sound, vibration and lights.

Time to go to the local hobby shop and buy one!

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Tamiya is the best when it comes to scale rc trucks in both looks and performance . Detailed pickup truck bodies, ladder frame chassis, manual transmission ...


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