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RC Newsletter April 2003 Newsletter
Issue no. 2
April 3, 2003

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* The Second Best Upgrade for Your RC Car
* Special Deals and Discounts on RC Cars and Trucks
* Personal Notes (Japan trip)


The Second Best Upgrade for Your RC Car

Last issue, we discussed the best upgrade for your
car... ball bearings.

In this issue we discuss the SECOND best upgrade for
your car... tires.

TIRES are very important. Selecting the correct
combination of tires for the front and rear will make 
your car stable, easier to control, corner faster...
basically tires will make your car faster.

In general...

1. Soft tires provide more grip that hard tires.
2. Soft tires in the front cause oversteer.
3. Soft tires in the rear cause understeer.
4. Foam tires provide more grip than rubber tires.

Foam vs. rubber tires is another issue. Here I will
discuss only rubber tires.

Rubber tires are rated by their compound... meaning
how hard or soft the rubber is. In general, soft
compound tires provide more grip than hard compound
tires. But softer tires usually wear out faster than
hard compound tires (i.e. more expensive to use).

However, I have used soft compound tires that cost
twice as much as a hard compound tire, but lasted
5 times longer. Hence, this particular soft compound
tire provided more grip and was actually cheaper
to use in the long run.

If you are new to the hobby, I suggest you try using
soft tires in the rear, and hard tires in the front.
This will cause and understeer or neutral handling
car which is perfect for beginners.

Also, try to use tires from the same company and that
the diameter of the tires are all the same (front
and rear). 


Special Deals and Discounts on RC Cars and Trucks

An online hobbyshop is currently offering huge
discounts on electric and gas powered RC cars and
trucks until April 15, 2003.



Personal Notes

I was in Japan from February 13 to March 29, 2003. I
wanted to visit the Tamiya company building... however
it was to far away.

However, I was able to visit two RC hobby shops. The
price for accessories was usually 10% discounted from
the list price, while RC cars and trucks were 20 - 30%
discounted from the list price.

The accessories such as tires and wheels were a good
deal... however, I did not buy and RC car kits because
the price is almost the same in Japan and the
Philippines (my country).

If you are in the USA, I think the price over there is
close to the price in Japan. I suggest you get your
RC cars and trucks in the USA, rather than mail order
from Japan.

And if you are thinking of buying online... try




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