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Remote Control Helicopters

Cheap mini electric rc helicopters can be flown indoors and outdoors, while fast gas powered radio control helicopters need to be flown outdoors. Below is an introduction to the world of remote control helicopters.

Advanced Fixed Pitch R/C Helicopter

Cheapest way to get into the hobby is with electric rc helicopters. Those that are popularly flown in department toy stores are actually very good and durable. I would recommend you start with those as crashes will be often and you need a durable rc heli.

Once you are comfortable with flying up and down and rotating to the left and right, hobby quality models with gyro like the e-Flite Blade MSR are good fun. Small enough to be flown indoors, yet powerful enough to fly fast outdoors in not so windy conditions. Below is a video of me flying the e-Flite Blade MSR in my backyard.

I crashed in the end. Good thing these small r/c helis are durable. So far after so many crashes still nothing has broken.

Once you have mastered the small 4-channel indoor helis, you might want to try bigger models. It is highly recommended to practise first on rc helicopter flight simulators. Crashing can be very expensive on the big models. And it is not as easy as it looks. Even hovering a feet off the ground is challenging.

revolutionary new Model Flight Simulator
Flight Simulator

Popular is the Dynam Simulator USB R/C Flight Simulator. Very high customer reviews.

You might see a lot of videos of r/c helis flying upside down. These are typically 6-channel models or 3D aerobatic kits. These are for very advanced and experienced modellers. Takes a lot of flying skill!

Mini Electric Powered RC Helicopters

These are best for beginners. The electric motor design is less complicated and easy to set up.

There are very simple electric rc helicopters that cost less than $60. Great if you just want to try out the hobby.

Note: Ready to fly or RTF means that the kit comes with radio, battery, and charger. These models or kits come already assembled.

Indoor Remote Control Helicopters

These micro rc helicopters are small enough to play indoor or your backyard. Simple design makes it easy even for beginners.

Electric motors make operation easy and quiet, perfect if you have neighbors.

Imagine flying one in your living room. Better yet, since rc helicopters are cheap, buy two and double the fun!

Gas Powered Radio Control Helicopters

These fast radio controlled helis use small model gas engines, and are design for more advance and experienced modelers.

Because of the cost and technical complexity, I do not recommend gas rc helicopters for beginners. These are very advanced models that are better suited for experienced fliers.

Popular Models

Updated for 2012: Visit www.buyrchelicopters.com for more info, reviews, photos and videos of small micro helis that can be flown indoors and outdoors. Buyer's guide for beginners.

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