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This website has over 300 pages full of photos, videos, reviews and buying tips on radio remote control cars. Just browse the site and hope you find what you are looking for.

Remote Control Cars

R/C Scale Size

A 1/10th scale rc car means that it is one-tenth the size of the real car. A 1/8th scale rc car means that it is one-eight the size of the real car.

Picture of a fast remote control car for sale.
Very fast 1/10 Associated TC3 Electric Remote Control Car

Remote control cars come in many sizes such as 1/24, 1/18, 1/12, 1/10, 1/8 and 1/5. The 1/24th scale is small, the 1/5th scale is large.

1/24 - Kyosho Mini Z, Tamiya Tamtech
1/18 - HPI Micro RS4
1/12 - Associated 12i, HPI Mini RS4
1/10 - Associated Nitro TC3 and RC10GT, HPI Dash and Nitro RS4, OFNA OB4, Traxxas Nitro T-Maxx and Nitro 4-Tec.
1/8 - HPI Nitro Savage 21, OFNA Titan and Ultra MBX, Tamiya Terra Crusher.

Gas Powered Remote Control Cars

The most popular models today are the 1/10th scale nitro powered rc touring cars, and the 1/8th scale nitro remote control monster trucks.

Picture of fast remote control nitro touring car. Picture of a big remote control nitro monster truck.
1/10 Associated Nitro TC3 Touring Car 1/8 HPI Savage 21 Nitro Monster Truck

These are powered by 2-stroke gas engines that use special fuel (nitro, methanol, castor oil).

Out of the box, gas powered remote control cars are faster that electric rc cars. 

Electric Powered Remote Control Cars

The most popular today are the 1/10th scale electric touring cars.

Picture of a cheap electric rc car model kit. Picture of the fast nitro rc cars.
1/10 HPI Dash RTR Electric Touring Car 1/10 Associated Electric TC3 Touring Car

Also equally popular are the 1/24 mini and 1/18 micro rc cars.

Picture of an HPI micro remote control electric model kit.
1/18 HPI Micro RS4

Ready to Run (RTR) Radio Control

To make it easy for beginners to get into the hobby, manufacturers have produced kits that are ready to run (rtr). Most of these kits come assembled and completed with radio, batteries, and charger.

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend you buy ready to run r/c kits.

Learn More About the RC Hobby

This web site has over 300 pages of information to help you get started with remote control cars.

Whether electric or gas powered, on-road or off-road, cars or monster trucks, this web site will cover it.

Here you will also find tips for choosing, building, buying, driving, and racing radio controlled cars and r/c trucks.

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