Shopping guide to popular remote control buggies.

Remote Control Buggies

40+ MPH Remote Control Buggies Buyers Guide!

Remote control buggies are fast machines that can be run off-road. 1/10 scale electric buggies can reach 30+ miles per hour while the bigger 1/8 scale gas nitro powered rc buggies can reach over 40+ miles per hour!

Buyers Guide to Remote Control Buggies
Picture of Remote Control Buggies
Shopping Online for Remote Control Buggies

Buyers Guide to Remote Control Buggies

You can buy the quiet, and easy to maintain 1/10 scale remote control buggies (electric and gas powered models) or the monster 1/8 scale gas nitro remote controlled buggies.

An electric rc buggy is usually 1/10 scale, and will go around 15 mph stock, and reach 30+ mph modified. A popular model is the Associated B4. This is a 2 wheel drive buggy powered by an electric motor and 7.2 volt battery.

A gas rc buggy is usually 1/8 scale. These machines are high tech. Powered by 2 to 3 horsepower engines, these 4 wheel drive rc buggies can reach speeds in excess of 40+ miles per hour! Popular brands are Kyosho, Mugen, and OFNA.

Picture of Remote Control Buggies

Here are a couple of pictures of remote control buggies...

 Picture of Traxxas electric rc buggy. Picture of OFNA gas rc buggy.
Electric RC Buggy
Learn how to choose, build, and buy popular electric powered remote controlled buggies.
Nitro Gas RC Buggy
Learn more about the fast (40+mph) and powerful 4wd nitro gas powered remote control buggies.

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Shopping Online for Remote Control Buggies
You can buy remote control buggies from your local hobby shop (LHS) or buy an rc buggy online. Click on the link above to browse, shop, and buy online.

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