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Vol 1, Issue 37      Subscribers: 2,500+      April 21, 2004


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The reason why I got started in R/C cars (way back in 1978) is
because I love the real sports cars but could not afford them.
R/C cars (and trucks) was a way for me to feel like I own the
real thing. Plus radio control cars allow me to experience the
excitement of racing without getting injured or spending lots of

Today, 26 years later, I still love cars, both real and radio
controlled. Since I love both, I am now adding a new section to
the RCCarTips website, the Sports Cars page. Here I do side-
by-side comparisons of the real vs. radio control cars.

Visit the page at:

So far I have pages on popular cars such as the BMW M3, 
Enzo Ferrari, Lamborghini Murcielago, Porsche 911 and the
Subaru WRX STi.

I have yet to encounter a website that does this, so I hope to be
the first to create a huge database comparing real vs. rc cars. And
to do this, I need your help.

Please send me your comments, let me know what cars you
would love to see on the site, and send me your reviews and car
pictures to:

Many thanks.


P.S. If you love the Sports Cars page, please pass it on to the
R/C community (e.g. forums, other webmasters, yahoo groups).



Most of you already have several models. I would really love to
hear from you. Send me your reviews and feedback of any
rc car or truck, and I will post in on my website. Please include
your name. Email me your reviews at

Pictures are also appreciated, and I will also post them on the
website. Just limit the file size to less than 100KB per image.

Thank you guys (and girls).


P.S. Your reviews and pictures will really help newcomers get
into the hobby.



If you do not have any "after-run oil" you can try using Marvel
Mystery oil found in automotive sections. It comes in a red
container. I have tried WD-40, but for long periods of
storage I find it eventually leaves a sticky feel.

You can also use "Green Slime" the grease used for O-rings in
shock absorbers for the O-rings of your nitro engine's carburetor.
This will help seal and prevent air leaks.



Trinity Nitro Power Fuel: The fastest fuel in the 2003 IFMAR
On-Road World Championships, taking 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th,
and T.Q. (top qualifier).

CEN Racing's Genesis monster truck will be hitting the hobby
stores this May. With a .46ci big-block engine and a 3-speed
transmission, this is one mean machine.

Not to be outdone, the new Team Losi Super Truck will be
released in May. With a .26ci big-block engine and a 2-speed
transmission, this truck has an estimated top speed of 40 mph. 



Lately I have been interested in comparing the specs of real
sports cars versus radio controlled cars. Here are a couple of
real car websites that I like:



This website has grown from 10 visitors per day to around 1,300
unique visitors per day primarily through word of mouth (viral

Thank you for spreading the news, and please keep it up. With
your help I'm sure we can reach 10,000 visitors per day. Some

Viral Ideas for Promoting the R/C Car Hobby:

- forward this email to your closest friends
- mention in forums and Yahoo Groups
- submit to other r/c websites
- submit to other non r/c websites devoted to real cars
- ask other webmasters to link to this website.

Thank you for helping me promote the site. This will free up my
time to put up more informative content, tips and exciting
pictures.  Thanks.


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