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Vol 1, Issue 40        Subscribers: 2,577        May 12, 2004


* R/C Racing Tips Part II
* RC Cars Website Awards
* Buying Cheap RC Cars



Hi there!

This is a continuation from last week. If you missed it you can
find it here:


Let's get started. Last Saturday I went back to the race track.
This time I changed the front and rear friction shock absorbers to
oil-filled units. The front end of my rc car was also lowered a few

On the track the car seemed more stable and faster than last
week. However, my stopwatch indicated otherwise. The car
was actually slower. Wherein my 5-lap times for last week were
in the 1:25 sec, this time it was in the 1:30 sec. The car is now
1 second slower per lap.

Disappointing news for me. So now I will be putting back the
friction shock absorbers and restore the front rid height back to
the original setting of last week.

But the day was not a complete loss. There were a few other
racers playing that day, and racing side by side with them
reminded me of one important point:

That is not to drive faster than how I drive when practicing alone.

What I mean is that when racing with others, the adrenaline is
pumping, and somehow I find that I go into the corners too fast
and in turn overshoot the corner (resulting in slower lap times).

After a few racing laps, I noticed my mistake, and decided to
drive slower. And this resulted in a better performance
against the other rc cars I was racing with.

So until next week!


P.S. During racing, aim for consistency. That means avoiding
accidents each and every lap.



I am on the lookout for outstanding rc car related websites. Those
that provide valuable info and service to the rc hobby community
will be considered for the RCCarTips Website Award.

Award winners can be seen at:


If you would like to recommend an rc website for this award, simply
send me an email at joel@rccartips.com. I will personally take
a look and list the website if it has good and unique content.

Thanks for your help.



I frequently get asked "Where can I buy cheap rc cars?" My
answer is that there very cheap rc cars (used, second hand). You
can try eBay or online websites. I noticed that Team Associated
is selling remanufactured or refurbished rc cars, so maybe this
will be a trend.

Your best bet for used rc cars and equipment would be to go
to your nearest rc track, and ask the racers there if they are selling
anything. Racers are usually selling off their old rc stuff in order to
buy the newest rc racing products.

Just last Saturday, when I was practicing, I bought a 5 month
old Tamiya 2400 battery pack from a fellow racer for less than
half the price of a brand new pack.

So just ask around.

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