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Real vs. Radio Control (R/C), Car Reviews, Motor Brushes

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Vol 1, Issue 38 Subscribers: 2,500+ April 28, 2004


* New Sports Cars vs Remote Control Cars
* Your RC Car Reviews
* Tip of the Day - Motor Brushes




Last week I mentioned about the new section to the RCCarTips
website, the Sports Cars page. Here I do side-by-side comparisons
of the real vs. r/c. Currently there are reviews of:

Enzo Ferrari
2004 Ford F150 SVT
Lamborghini Murcielago
Mazda RX8
Nissan 350z
Porsche 911
Subaru WRX STi

Visit the page at:


Please send me your comments, let me know what cars you
would love to see on the site, and send me your reviews and car
pictures to: rccartips@hotmail.com.

Many thanks.


P.S. If you love the Sports Cars page, please pass it on to the
R/C community (e.g. forums, other webmasters, yahoo groups).



Last week I also asked for your car reviews and pictures. Here
are a couple of good submissions:

Vanguard - by A. Kuhon
Rex - by Rick Penlington

You can read the full reviews at:


Some of you have also submitted short reviews. Here they are:

* * *

Traxxas Bandit by Seth Moore
I love your newsletter I just got my first one I haven't had time
to see your whole website but I like it though I have a website
of my own www.traxxas13.tripod.com. I want to write up a
reviw of the Traxxas Bandit. even if you don't like it send it back
to me because I am not saving it and I want it for my site.

The traxxas Bandit a "extreme sports buggy." Well that’s what it
said It's really a super extreme sports buggy. It can go over 26mph
out of the box and that’s just starting, it also is very inexpence
like $130.00 pre-built if you have a battery. But it is a great value
and is made by one of the best names in the radio controlled
business. I have really enjoyed this car and is also fun in track
racing and just plain old backyard bashing. 

* * *

Tamiya TT-01 by Jonathon Ward
My name is jonathon ward and i have got a really nice tuned up
tamiya tt-01 nissan skyline in blue with blue under chassis neons.
it has all of the tuning componants from tamiya plus a few bits
and bobs i put in like the modified engine by vision and a vision
speed controller. it also has some really nice chrome looking
wheels that i got of ebay, its a beast and is very fast as well for
and electric. 

* * *

Subaru by Amin Oskrochi 
currently i have a kyosho/ripmax zaboon buggy but before this i
had a nikko car. 

i know what you think ...nikko dont make very great cars for
race etc... 

HOWEVER there is a certain car that was INCREDIBLE
AND WOULD be able to beat my current car EASILY. 

the car is the 1/14 nikko subaru (different covers are available. 
the car had a polycarb shell *like allot of current pro cars and 
also servo steering *also like allot f current cars* however the
var didnt use removable receivers. 

the car itself was INCREDIBLY FAST for the price i got it
all i did was spend 10 quid on a sprinter motor and the car
reached speeds of up to 40 KMPH which was 

the car only cost me around 40 quid and around 50 with all 
upgrades and yet it was faster than a 180 quid kyosho/ripmax... 
if you want a car to thrash around and still et some speed this 
car is INCREDIBLE... and here's is a pic of it... 

* * *

Most of you already have several models. I would really love to
hear from you. Send me your reviews and feedback of any
rc car or truck, and I will post in on my website. Please include
your name. Email me your reviews at rccartips@hotmail.com.

Pictures are also appreciated, and I will also post them on the
website. Just limit the file size to less than 100KB per image.

Thank you guys (and girls).


P.S. Your reviews and pictures will really help newcomers get
into the hobby.



Electric motor brushes are usually made of copper, graphite and
sometimes silver. In general there are the copper-graphite and the

* used in economy brushes

* used in high performance brushes
* produce more horsepower
* easily damaged by overheating (by overgearing)
* may not be suitable for heavy current applications

There are also the terms hard and soft brushes.

Hard brushes:
* 70 to 80 percent metal (i.e. copper or silver) content
* more horsepower
* harder on the commutator

Soft brushes:
* 35 to 50 percent metal content
* less horsepower
* easier on the commutator
* high graphite content

Until next week!


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