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RC or remote control cars are fun. RC cars provide the following benefits:

1. Help you become a better driver when driving a real car

2. The fun hobby keeps you busy... and keeps you away from drugs

3. Racing remote control cars satisfies your need for speed, lessening your desire to race in public highways


RC Car - Tamiya Honda CRV

Tamiya Honda CRV

remote control car - tamiya honda crvThis beautiful 1/10 scale electric rc car from Tamiya is probably the most realistic rc car I have ever owned. The body is a perfect replica of the full scale Honda CRV.

The car has independent front suspensions, and a solid axle rear suspension, all supported by 4 coil over shock absorbers. 

The kit comes with the popular Mabuchi 540 stock motor. With the 4-wheel drive system, the car is perfect for both on and off road conditions.

Remote controlled car - Honda CRVThe only hop up item I made was to add ball bearings. These items are highly recommended in order to increase speeds and improve durability.

I love this car. Originally painted black, it now sports a more lively red body color.  

Sometimes I feel the need for speed. That is when I put on a 12 turn modified motor connected to a Tekin P12 electronic speed controller. This combination will push the car to estimated speeds of 30 mph.

remote control rc car 

If you love realistic rc cars, then this is one model to buy. However, Tamiya has discontinued the production of this model, so you will have to look hard for this. Try eBay, or some hobby shops may still have some old stock.

Rating: 5 stars, a must buy and collect!

Have fun!

Joel Mangilit

Electric rc car

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