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 RC Car Tips May 2003

RC Car Tips May 2003 

RCCARTIPS.com Newsletter
Issue no. 3
May 1, 2003

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* The Third Best Upgrade for Your RC Car
* Tamiya RC Cars
* Buying Cheap RC Cars
* Discount on RC Car Magazine Subscriptions
* Personal Notes


The Third Best Upgrade for Your RC Car

To recap, the best upgrade is ball bearings, followed
by tires. The third best upgrade is a toss up between
a better motor, an electronic speed controller, or
an oil filled shock absorber.

Hmmm... tough choice, but I would spend my money on
oil filled shock absorbers.

Oil filled shock absorbers will make your car more
stable when running in bumpy conditions. 

Tuning oil filled shock absorbers is a very long
and technical discussion. But as I am writing this
website for beginners and recreational racers, let
me try to do a short and simple explanation.

The shock absorber depends on the "thickness" or
"thinness" of the oil put inside it. The thicker the
oil, the slower the reaction of the shock absorber.
The thinner the oil, the faster the reaction of the

In general, off-road buggies and trucks use 30 - 35 wt
oil thickness, while on-road cars may use somewhere
between 70 - 80 wt.

Happy racing! 


Tamiya RC Cars

I love Tamiya cars... my first true rc hobby car was
a Tamiya Ford Ranger XLT (bought around 1978, in
Hong Kong), and the last rc car I bought was a Tamiya
Mercedes Benz SLK (bought around 2002).

I updated my page regarding Tamiya... added a
recommended car for young kids, and the complete list
of all rc cars, trucks, tanks, and other rc models
ever built and sold by Tamiya Corporation.



Buying Cheap RC Cars

If you have not yet bought your rc car... let me
suggest you start with a cheap, ready to run (rtr),
electric car. 

I recommend you buy the HPI Dash RTR Nissan Skyline.
It is currently selling for around $110, complete
with batteries and radio control system.

What are you waiting for. Visit your local hobby shop
and buy one, or you can buy online and have this
delivered as a gift to someone special (nephew, son,
boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter...).

Read more about this car at:



RC Car Magazine Subscriptions

Below are subscription to the best rc car magazines at
very big discounts over the newsstand price!


Radio Control Nitro 8 issues 
8 issues for only $19.95

Radio Control Car Action Magazine
12 issues for only $27.95 per issue. That is 53% off. 

RC Car Magazine
12 issues for only $19.98


Personal Notes

I would like to make RCCarTips.com one of the
best resources for rc car information.

In order to do this, I need your comments and
feedback on how I can improve the web site.

So please let me know your ideas and comments by
sending an email to rccartips@hotmail.com

Also please forward this email to your friends, or
have them visit http://www.rccartips.com

"The more people to play rc with... means more fun!"

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