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How to choose and buy remote controlled cars and trucks.

Remote Control Car - Buying Tips

In the 80's, it was relatively simple to buy rc cars. There were only a handful of companies and models to choose from.

Fast forward to 2010, today there are more manufacturers and more models to choose from. This can be confusing to first time buyers, so I created this page to help beginners make the correct buying decision.

RC Car Buying Tips

Kit vs. RTR If you are a modeler who loves to assemble rc cars, then buy rc in kit form. Apart from the rc car kit, you would need to buy additional equipment. But if you would just like to play and not have to worry about assembling the rc car, then you should buy RTR (ready-to-run) models. RTR comes almost 100% complete, just charge the batteries and start playing.
Onroad vs. Offroad For your first car, I would recommend buying an offroad car such as rc buggies and trucks. These have large tires and long suspension systems that allow them to run both onroad and offroad conditions such as a backyard or dirt track.
Gas vs. Electric For first timers, buy electric rc cars. They are easier to build, maintain, and run.

Gas cars are more technical in nature, having 2-stroke engines, 2-speed transmissions, disk brakes, tuned pipes, and more. These items may be to overwhelming for first timers into the hobby.

Online Hobby Stores vs. Local Hobby Shops Try to find a local hobby shop where you can buy your rc car. They can provide you with after sales help, and they can give you hands on help. Not all hobby shops have your interest in mind, so try to find one that is genuinely helpful to hobbyist and are not just after your money.

Online stores are an alternative if you do not live near a local hobby shop. You can order online, and have the rc shipped direct to your home.

How Much Does an RC Car Cost? RC cars and the hobby is cheap considering the fun it provides. I personally have bought over 20 rc cars, spent a lot of money, but I consider it money well spent.

RC cars has kept me busy, and away from vices such as drugs. Driving rc cars has also improving my real world driving skills, and have helped me avoid accidents driving my real car.

RTR kits can be bought for less that $150. 


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