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Hi and welcome. Here are my all time favourite rc car videos, hope you like them. And if you have a great rc video yourself, let me know at (

Tamiya F1 - 25 Cars Racing at the same time

I was the race organizer for this event. Exciting to see 25 Formula One cars run at the same time in a 15 minute race.

Tamiya Mini - 28 Cars Racing at the same time

RC video of 28 Tamiya mini cars starting simultaneously in Kakegawa Japan. Sight to behold. On youtube, this video is called Tamiya Mini Freak. Thanks to Bakaguyjean for sharing on youtube.

3rd Luzon Island RC Championship

I love the editing and soundtrack of this video. Parking lot racing at it's best. Electric and nitro touring cars, Tamiya mini and drifting. Enjoy.

How RC Racing Began

Here is a great video from 1967, surprisingly the rc cars then looked much more realistic than they do today. Wow I wish I was part of those early days of rc racing. Thanks guymhanhn for posting such a great video on youtube "First Ever R.O.A.R. nationals."

Realistic RC Rally Video

Had to post it as soon as I watched it. Love the slow motion and soundtrack. Makes me want to build a rally car.

2008 Touring Car World Championship

RC Truck Video

My first attempt at making an rc video. Here we have a video of rc trucks racing in Tiendesitas mall. Battle between Traxxas Slash and Associated SC10 short course radio controlled trucks. 

Formula 1 nitro rc cars from 1970's

Thanks for watching these rc videos. If you have a great one please let me know and I see if it can be posted on this page.

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