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New RC Trucks Website, 7 RC Car Tips, Troubleshooting Nitro Engines Newsletter / Ezine

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Vol 1, Issue 28        Subscribers: 1,783        December 17, 2003


* New RC Trucks Website
* 7 Radio Control Car Tips
* Troubleshooting Nitro Engines
* Buyer's Links
* Forward To Friends



Hello again! I started the RC Car Tips website in Jan 2003. In
just 12 months, the site has grown to over 150 pages, with
over 1,783 subscribers to the newsletter, and this being the 28th

Also, last June 2003, I wrote a short ebook called "Secrets of
Nitro RC Cars." It is a basic guide to getting started with gas
powered rc cars. In just 6 months, the book has been downloaded
over 1,300 times. And if you have not downloaded it yet, you
can do so here:

Now since the RC Car Tips has grown too much, I have decided
to create a new website focusing on rc trucks. So if you love
gas or electric trucks, mini, stadium, or monster, you can find
useful information at:

Please note that the site is barely 1 week old, so information is
not as extensive as the RC Car Tips website. But, give it a few
months, and it will grow.

9 more days till Christmas... have you started with your Christmas


P.S. I'm starting to panic since I have not bought a single gift, yet.
And already, the stores are getting packed due to the Christmas
rush. Oh well.



* If you find your gas car or truck has weak brakes, the culprit
might be a weak servo. Solution, get a stronger servo.

* Try using a microphone foam rubber to protect the end bell of
your electric motor from dust and dirt.

* Barrel carburetors are easier to adjust that slide carbs. Beginners
would do well to start of with barrel carbs.

* Barrel carbs might have better bottom-end acceleration than
slide carbs.

* Longer tuned pipe for acceleration, shorter tuned pipe for
higher top speed.

* When your electric rc car starts to drastically slow down, due
to the battery pack being depleted, be on the safe side and stop
the car. Your car might run away from you once the battery
voltage drops too low.

* Prevent ESC's from overheating by making sure the ESC
is capable of handling the type of motor (e.g. wind), and avoid
overgearing the car.

Next week: electric motor brushes 



Quick guide to help solve engine problems...

Erratic Engine, Very Hot

- small fuel line
- kinked fuel line
- debris in fuel filter
- bad fuel
- leaking glow plug
- loose glow plug
- glow plug weak or shorted
- air leak in engine
- air leak in carb
- clogged needle valve
- air leak in fuel tank
- old bearings
- carb setting is too lean
- loose head

Lean Engine That Does Not Richen

- air leak in carb, engine, tank, fuel line
- defective glow plug
- small fuel line

Does Not Idle

- weak glow plug
- bad fuel
- wrong carb idle setting
- large fuel line

Runs For A Short Time, Then Dies Out

- clogged carb
- clogged fuel filter
- bad glow plug
- large fuel line
- weak fuel pickup (low tank pressure)

Simply Does Not Want To Start

- weak or bad glow plug
- glow plug igniter has a weak battery
- blocked fuel line
- weak fuel pickup
- engine is too hot
- vapor lock



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