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These are the 1:10 scale electric powered on-road radio control 4wd cars. One of the fastest racing class to run. Speeds of over 100 kph are reached on large tracks. Photos, videos, reviews, tips and more.


IFMAR World Champions

Best Touring Cars




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RC Touring Cars Guide

IFMAR World Champions

IFMAR TC World Champions

Photo: 2010 Winner Marc Rheinard, 2008 Winner Marc Rheinard and 2006 Winner Andy Moore.

Since 2000 and every two years, an IFMAR World Champion is crowned. Here are the past winners.

Year World Champion Winning R/C Touring Car
Atsushi Hara
Surikarn Chaidejsuriya
Marc Rheinard
Andy Moore
Marc Rheinard
Marc Rheinard
Jilles Groskamp
Yokomo MR4-TC Pro
Tamiya TRF414M
Tamiya TRF 415
Hot Bodies Cyclone
Tamiya TRF 416
Tamiya TRF 416X
Tamiya TRF 417X

So far Tamiya has dominated by winning 5 out of the 7 championships. If you are looking to buy the best, recommended are the Tamiya 417X, Yokomo BD7 and Hot Bodies TCXX. These are the fastest touring cars.

Best Touring Cars

Tamiya 417x of Marc Rheinard

Photo: The pit table of 3-Times World Touring Car champion Marc Rheinard. He drives a Tamiya TRF 417x. My daughter Porsha keeping his seat warm.

Here are the top three recommended touring cars based on speed and experience. Note that the level of touring car performance nowadays is very close. Any of the high level brands can win a big race. For carpet, it seems the Yokomo is very good. While on asphalt the Tamiya does well.

Racing Class, Speed and Skill Level Best Better Good
Modified TC Class (50+ mph, advanced racers) Tamiya 417X Yokomo BD7 Hot Bodies TCXX
TC Class Stock (40+ mph, intermediate racers) Tamiya 417X Hot Bodies TCX Sakura Zero
TC Entry Level (20+ mph, beginners) Tamiya TA06 Tamiya TA05 v2 Tamiya TT01E

Above is just my personal opion and I'm sure supporters of a specific brand will have their own recommendations on the best touring car. But you cannot go wrong with Tamiya, Yokomo, Hot Bodies, XRAY, Serpent and Associated.

Popular and cheap kits for beginners are the HPI E10 and Tamiya TT01. Out of the box, speeds are typically around 15mph. You can also buy hop ups (such as ball bearings, motors, speed controller, lipo batteries) to go faster.

RC Touring Cars Tamiya TT01E

Above: Photo of the 1/10 Tamiya TT01E chassis. Shaft drive 4wd with enclosed gearbox make it good on pebbly parking lots. This is a cheap kit for beginners.

For me, I would recommend you just keep the kit box stock, and keep playing with it until it becomes too slow for your driving skills. Then I recommend you buy a better kit rather than spending money hopping up an entry level car.

The Tamiya TA05 and TB03 are good chassis. Out of the box these are much better in terms of handling and durability. They are good for stock class type of racing wherein speeds up to 35mph are achieved.

Tamiya TA05 v2 for Sale

Above: Photo of the 1/10 Tamiya TA05 v2 on-road sedan. Full of racing parts at a reasonable price. Value for money.

I highly recommend the Tamiya TA05 for beginners and intermediate hobbyists. It is cheap, durable and a good racing machine. I've raced mine in Stock, Modified and Rally type races. Good value.

Then for the highest level of touring car racing, you need those that are lightweight with optimized suspension geometry for fastest cornering speeds. Here we are talking about racing speeds in excess of 50+ mph.

RC Car Sakura Zero

Photo: The 1/10 Sakura Zero is reasonably priced and comes with graphite chassis, oil filled shock absorbers, front spool, rear oil filled gear differential and modern suspension geometry. This touring car can compete at the faster races.

You want fast? Here is fast. Video is in normal speed.

Hope that gets you excited.


Here are some of the electric touring cars that both me and my daughter race locally and in international overseas races.

Electric RC Car Sakura Zero Cheap
Sakura Zero
RC Car Tamiya TA05 v2 Buy Online
Tamiya TA05 4WD

And with the advent of Lipo battery technology even old chassis design like the Tamiya 414 are performing well as weight balance is more centralized. Even the decade old Tamiya TL01 is fun and fast to drive with a brushless electric motor and lipo battery.


Here are some tips, old and new. For faster top speed and better handling around corners. Plus tips on batteries, motors and driving.

RC Car Tamiya 416 WE Weight Balance Tips

Photo above: Weight balance plays a significant role in how your touring car handles. The general tip is weight should be in between the front and rear wheels for maximum performance. Left and right balance should be equal for a road racing car.

For more information, visit the rc car tips section.

Touring Car Races

Racing touring cars is fast and exciting. For example, when my daughter raced in the 2012 TITC Touring Car Championship (held in Thailand) the cars were estimated to be doing 60+ mph down the straight.

TITC 2012 Porsha Driver Stand

Photo above: 11 year old Porsha racing against the best touring car drivers in the World at the 2012 TITC Touring Car Championship. All former and current IFMAR World TC champions raced in this event.

RC Cars TITC 2012

Photo: Hundreds of rc touring cars joined in the 2012 TITC race. My 11 year old daughter Porsha raced in the 13.5T brushless and Modified classes.

But there are also much slower classes of touring cars. One is the 2011 Tamiya Asia Cup Finals (held in Singapore) where my daughter joined in the Jr. Stock class driving a Tamiya TT01E rc car. Here since the track is tight and the cars are using the stock 540 kit motors, speeds are only around 20 mph.

Tamiya Asia Cup 2011 Jr Stock Touring Drivers

Photo above: 11 year old Porsha racing the the Jr. Stock touring car class in the 2011 Tamiya Asia Cup finals held in Singapore.

RC Cars Stock Touring TAC 2011

Photo: 1/10 Tamiya TT01 touring cars line up for the Jr. Stock class (age 15 and below).

Basically there are many touring car races you can join based on your skill level and speed you want. To get started I recommend you join the Tamiya series or "silvercan" stock touring car classes in your local club or race track. Then as you get better, go for faster classes.

For photos and videos of rc car racing click here.

Hope to see you racing soon.

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