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1. This video is running at normal speed. The cars are that fast!

2. See the speed of 13.5T "Stock" and Modified touring cars. Speeds are now insanely fast. Too fast for me, that's why I let my 10 year old daughter do the driving. She qualified in 6th for both Stock 13.5T and Modified. This is only her second time to drive modified.

3. Initial D rc car racing in the Silvercan 540 motor class. The body is a 1/10 scale Toyota Trueno by ABC Hobby. Chassis is a 1/10 Tamiya 414. Driven by my daughter who was around 9 years old.

4. Highlights of my daughter's races in the 2011 Manila Touring RC Car Championship MTCC held in JP Raceway on Dec 10 - 11. We both joined and had our own personal battle to see who is better, the father or the daughter.

5. Decided to take a basic Tamiya TL-01, put in an old Novak GTB, Team Powers 13.5T, Orion 25c rocket pack, Futaba 3003 stock servo and see how competitive it is against the latest racing machines with Tekin RS Pros.

6. Amain race of the Silvercan (540) TC class. My wife was the lone female in the 2010 Luzon Island Championship race. Silvercans where actually posting faster lap times than the 13.5 brushless class. Track was very slippery, most were running with grip/drift style of driving to get fast lap times.

Thanks for watching.

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