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Petrol powered rc touring cars... pure speed!

Nitro Razor 1/10 Gas RC Touring Car

My first experience with a Neo gas car was the 1/10 scale Neo gas touring. I bought the car 1 week before a big race called "1rst Neo Gas Touring Car Championship" to be held in the Philippines.

Fortunately for me, out of the box the car handled superbly. The only modifications I did was to add sticker rear tires. And with this package I was lucky enough to win the Championship race. 

Lucky because a radio glitch sent my car to the wall two laps from the end of the second A-main. This damaged two wheels and the tuned pipe disconnected from the nitro engine. Surprisingly, the car finished to the end, and I won the championship by 1/4 of a lap.

The next week, I competed in the annual Philippine Futaba Gas Open Championship race. This was open to all gas touring cars, including the Kyosho SuperTen. And fortunately again, the Neo was handled well. I was able to drive consistently and won that Championship.

Now comes the Neo Razor RC gas car. Although different from what I used, it should still be a good performer. Now go out and have fun!

Joel M.

P.S. Let me add, now go out, have fun, and start winning races. Ok... the winning races part is not so easy. My driving advice... practice, be calm, drive consistently, and drive slowly. Yes, slowly! The slower you drive, the less mistakes you make, the better your chances of winning.

Neo Nitro Razor Touring Car Specifications

Picture of a petrol powered rc car.

Cutting Edge RTR Performance; Ready to Run in Minutes; Shaft Drive w/ adjustable 2-speed transmission; Heavy-duty anodized aluminum chassis/radio plate; Sealed receiver/battery box; Adjustable oil-filled shocks w/ powder coated springs; Race-compound radial tires & lightweight wheels; Complete ball bearings; Front & rear anti-roll bars; Factory-installed metal tuned exhaust system; Megatech .15 engine w/ recoil starter; Painted & trimmed body with decals; Installed Hitec Lynx Radio; Digital proportional transmitter. Source: otherlandtoys

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