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The RC Hobby has grown by leaps and bounds. When I started with rc cars over 25 years ago, the models were few and simple in design. Today there are so many rc hobby companies, brands, and rc models to choose from. If you are just starting in the rc hobby, your are very lucky!

In this website you will find hundreds of pages, tips, weekly newsletter, ebook, and more to help you enjoy and get started in the rc hobby.

RC Cars Hobby

My personal favorite. Learn about radio controlled trucks, cars, and buggies. You can choose either electric powered, or nitro powered models. You can choose to buy and assemble rc model kits, or immediately play with pre-assembled ready to run (RTR) models.

The Fun Hobby of RC Trucks

Electric stadium trucks, 1/10 scale gas rc trucks, and the 1/8th scale nitro monster trucks. Jump ramps, kick dirt in baseball fields, or race them in bmx dirt tracks. Whatever you do, just hang on and enjoy the 40+ mph ride!

Remote Control Airplanes Hobby

Cheap electric rc airplanes can be bought ready to fly (RTF) for less than $100... perfect for beginners. Another great rc hobby to get into.

Remote Control Helicopters Hobby

Fly indoors and outdoors with the popular electric rc helicopters. Popular models are the DraganFlyer III and Piccolo rc helicopter. Have fun with this rc hobby.

Wet and Wild RC Hobby 

Remote control boats can be lots of fun... especially during the summer. You can buy small rc boats to be played in swimming pools, and gas rc boats to be raced in small lakes or ponds.

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