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2-stroke engines - used in gas powered rc cars and trucks. Capable of providing 0.5 to 3 HP, propelling rc cars and trucks to speeds in excess of 30, 40, and some 70+ mph!

2-stroke gas / nitro rc engine

Gas or Nitro – a special blend of fuel consisting of nitrogen, methanol, and lubricant. Used to power the two-stroke engines of R/C cars

RC car hobby fuel and bottle

Kit – generally refers to the car in unassembled form. Additional equipment are needed to make the car run

RC truck kit

RTR – means ready-to-run. These are R/C car kits that contain almost all items needed to run

Ready to run rc truck

Rechargeable batteries - older type are called NiCad, newer ones NiMH

Rechargeable batteries

Receiver – an electronic device that receives signals from a transmitter, and converts the signal into data to control servos and/or speed controllers


Servo - small mechanical motors used for controlling the speed and steering of an rc car or truck

Picture of servo

Speed controller – mechanical or electronic device that regulates the flow of current from the battery to the electric motor

Transmitter – an electronic device used to transmit data to a receiver to steer the car and control the speed

Picture of pistol type transmitter

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