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Remote Control Car Tips to Help Beginners Get Started with the RC Hobby

In addition to buying the car kit, you need to buy the following: 1) radio control unit, 2) AA batteries for the transmitter, 3) battery pack, 4) charger for the 7.2v battery pack.

RC Car equipment and accessory.

radio control unit
Pistol type transmitter

1. Radio Control Unit
The radio control unit is the electronics that control the speed and direction of the car. A basic radio controller consists of the following:

a. transmitter

b. receiver
Picture of futaba 2-channel receiver

c. servos (2)
Picture of a servo with servo horn

d. batter holder for the receiver

e. on/off switch

f. servo horns

Good brands are Futaba, Airtronics, and JR.

batteries for control unit 2. AA Batteries and Charger
The transmitter (pictured above) needs 8AA sized batteries to produce 12 volts.

Rechargeable batteries will work, just note that a single  rechargeable AA batteries produces only 1.2 volts (alkaline produce 1.5 volts). 

Using 8AA rechargeable batteries will produce 9.6 volts, slightly less voltage than the ideal 12 volts. Still, most transmitters will work fine with 9.6 volts.

rc car battery pack

3. 7.2v Battery Pack
To power the cars, you will need battery packs that produce 7.2 volts. These are either made of nickel-cadmium (NiCD) or the newer nickel-hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries. 

Good brands are Tamiya, Orion, Trinity, Sanyo, and Panasonic.

charger for the rc car battery

4. Battery Charger
There are two basic types: timer, and peak detection chargers. With the timer charger, you will have to monitor whether or not the battery is fully charged, which can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

The other type is a peak detection charger. It is more expensive, but does a better job of charging the batteries. It can sense when a battery is fully charged and will automatically shut off, preventing overcharging, which can destroy the battery. If you can afford it, buy the peak detection charger.

Good brands are Tekin and Novak.

Radio equipment setup and accessoryBasic Radio System Setup

This is the basic radio system setup that is mounted inside an electric car. The receiver (1) sends signals to the servo that controls the speed (3) and the servo that controls the steering (4). 

The receiver is powered by 4-AA sized batteries (5) with an on/off switch (6).

Tip: Never, ever, cut the receiver antenna (wire). I know it is long... but trust me, do not cut it because it will cause your car to go out of control.

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