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Maintenance Tips for Faster Electric RC Motors

With the proper maintenance, your stock or modified motors will stay in peak condition with maximum power, speed, and rpms.

First maintenance tip is to use a high quality motor spray to clean out the dirt and carbon deposits. It is best to do this after every run. Put a drop of oil on each bushing or bearing.

Warning: Do not use WD-40 or brake fluid, these may damage your motor.


For peak performance, replace motor brushes after 20 runs (stock motor) or 10 runs (modified motor). Also, if the tip of the brush that touches the commutator has turned purple, it is time for a replacement.


Before reinstalling new brushes, it is good to have the commutator "trued" by a diamond bit lathe. This will ensure that the commutator is perfectly round and smooth.


Over time, the brush springs will lose their tension. You can check this with a spring tension checker device. But if you can afford it, change to brand new springs the same time you change the brushes.


Time and excess heat will cause the magnets of a motor to weaken. This will drastically reduce a motor's power. There are devices called magnet zappers that try to restore a magnet's strength, but this is usually temporary. Once you feel the magnets have weakened, it is best to buy a new can (with magnets) or buy a new motor.

Summary: The reality is that a motor's power decreases every time it is used. The only way to get back the original power is thru proper and frequent maintenance.

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