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Mention the word drifting and the iconic Initial D Toyota Trueno AE86 comes to mind. While there are now many Initial D rc drift cars, we will take a look at one custom made Initial D Trueno rc drift car made a few years back before manufacturers started to get into the picture.

RC drift cars have now been around for several years. From PVC/ABS homemade tires, we now specialized drifting machines from Tamiya, HotBodies and Yokomo to name a few.

And whilst the old-timers seem to have migrated to "countersteer" designs, the regular 50/50 drift car models like the Tamiya TT01D are still popular. More on "countersteer" later.

If you want to get started in drifting rc cars, please sit back and enjoy the photos, videos and tutorials. Have fun driving sideways!

Joel M.

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Project: Initial D RC Car

A few years ago I wanted to have a Toyota Trueno AE86 rc drift car as seen in the popular Initial D anime and movie. But at that time there were none being sold. So I decided to build my own custom rc car.

Initial D Radio Control RC Car

Important to me was to make a true 1/10 scale Toyota Trueno AE86 body. My search landed in Canada, where my mother bought me a toy Jada Trueno rc car. This body looked nothing like the panda Trueno of Takumi. But it had the basic shape I could work on.

Jada Import Racer Trueno RC Car

First was to cut away the excessive fender flares, bumper and rear spoiler. Then a lot of sanding to remove the red paint. Below is the work in progress.

Toyota AE 86 Jada Body

I used epoxy to shape the miscellaneous parts of the body. Then painted it white and black to replicate the panda Trueno paint scheme of Initial D.

Being a True 1/10 scale, my current rc car chassis were either too big, too long or too wide. I decided to take a Tamiya TL01 and chop the chassis to the right length. A delicate procedure but it worked out well.

RC Drift TL01 Chassis

Cut. Remove excess length.

RC Drift TL01 Short Wheelbase

Then rejoin with epoxy.

And here is the video. Please excuse the quality, it was done a few years ago and I was not good at it. But surprisingly it is the most popular video in my Youtube channel with around 125,000 views. Thanks for watching.

How To Drift

I will be honest. It is hard to drift. Countersteering is an unnatural feel. But with practise it does get easier. Here is an rc drift technique from Tamiya.

Tamiya Drift Technique

Also great pdf document from HPI Europe on how to drift. (Right click your mouse, the select save target as.)

And here is a video of me trying it out in my garage rc track using my Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X rd drift car.

More info on the 1/10 Tamiya 414 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X here. That is my sister website with introduction and tips on rc car drifting.

New RC Drift Car Models

If you are looking to buy here are some recommendations. Tamiya TT01D are popular entry level kits that have very realistic bodies. Tamiya also has competition level chassis such as the TB-03D, TB03 VDS and TA05-VDF.

Tamiya RC Drift Cars

Hot Bodies has a competition level model called the TC-FD.

Yokomo is one of the best in rc drift cars though their bodies are a bit pricey.

And here is a comparison of popular models with estimated sale price in USD.

RC Drift Cars Price Comparison Feb 2012

Events: RC Drift Nationals

Here is a video of a national rc car drift competition held inside a mall. Great publicity for the hobby.

Hope more will get into the hobby.

Where to Buy Cheap Electric RC Cars

At your local hobby shop or try the rc store page.

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Toyota Trueno drift rc car of Takumi in Initial D

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