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1/10 Front Motor FS-01D RC Drift Car

RC Drift Cars > MST FS-01D

A beautiful front motor, 4wd electric rc drift car by Max Speed Technology. 5 different battery positions, ability to tune chassis flex, front diff, rear spool and the silver finish graphite parts makes it tempting to buy.

Front Motor Electric Drift Car FS 01D

Such a clean layout.

Max Speed Technology Front Motor 4WD RC Drift Car

RC Drift Car Max Speed Technology FS 01D Front Motor

RC Drift Car MST Front Motor

Source: Max Speed Technology

Summary Review

Here is a great review from Driftmission.com.

FS-01D Kit Impressions: 5/5
Quality of FS-01D Kit: 4/5
Overall Build Process: 5/5
Overall Value: 4/5
Conclusion: 4/5

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