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Learn best cars for beginners and where to buy online.

Beginner's Guide to the Fun Hobby of RC Cars !

Here you will find answers to your questions...

1. What is RC?
2. What is the difference between toy cars (radio shack, tyco) and hobby quality rc cars?
3. What is the best car or truck for beginners?
4. How much do they cost?
5. How fast do they go?
6. Where can I buy rc cars and trucks online?
7. What brand should I buy?

What does RC or R/C mean? 

rc racing

The term means remote control or radio control. They all mean the same thing... FUN!  

(Picture of rc car racing)


Toys vs. Hobby Quality Remote Control Cars

A remote control car, as seen above, are generally faster that "toy" rc cars. Hobby quality remote control cars can also be upgraded with faster motors and stickers tires to make them go faster!

Tamiya Supra Remote Control Car
Picture of a Tamiya Supra GT 1/10th scale electric rc car kit

The best part about remote control cars and trucks is that spare parts can be bought. That means a damaged part can be replaced.

Hobby remote controlled cars also use radio equipment that allows more "proportional" control over the car. That means you can control the steering and speed of the car more accurately. This will allow you to drive faster and better.

Kit vs. Ready to Run Radio Control Car

Historically, radio control cars come in unassembled kit form. As a hobbyist, part of the fun is building the car.

Picture of a Radio Control Car and Truck
Picture of a Tamiya Ford F-150 rc truck kit

However, some would prefer to play with cars without having to spend time assembling. Ready-to-Run (RTR) radio controlled cars and trucks come almost 100% complete and assembled, and as the name implies, are ready to run out of the box.

ready to run (rtr) radio controlled cars RTR 1/10 Scale Electric Radio Control Cars
Ready-to-run (RTR) cars include all accessories needed to get started in one complete package.

Picture of an HPI Dash. It come complete... just charge the batteries and play.

Beginners would do well to start with RTR. A popular RTR is the HPI Dash, because HPI racing is a leading rc car manufacturer known for fun, fast, and realistic rc models. The best part is that RTR radio controlled cars can be bought at for only $110 USD. 

Electric vs. Gas Powered RC Car

RC cars can be powered by either an electric motor or a 2-stroke gas engine. Electric cars use 7.2 volt battery packs, while gas cars use special fuel for rc cars and trucks.

Neo gas powered touring remote control car
Picture of a 1/10 scale gas powered NEO nitro touring car.
This is the car I used to win the 1999 Futaba Open and
1999 Neo Touring Car championships in the Philippines.

Both types can be suitable for beginners. However, due to the speed and more complex gas cars, first timers would be better off starting with electric cars. However, if speed and realism is what you desire, then gas cars are the best choice.

I have owned many electric and gas rc cars. I enjoy all of them!

Cheap RC Cars and Trucks

While the quality of the cars has been improving over the years, good news is the cars are cheaper than ever before. When I started in the 70’s the cars were very expensive, slow, and were generally unreliable. 

Today, the basic entry-level cars are cheaper, faster, lighter, and durable than the best cars of the 70’s. You can get a good brand new complete kit for less than $120. And some of the top, high quality racing cars (speeds excess of 50 mph) and be bought at around $300 to $400 USD.

What Brand of RC to Buy

The best makers of hobby quality cars and trucks are Team Associated, Bolink, Corally, Kyosho, HPI Racing, Team Losi, NEO, OFNA, Tamiya, Thunder Tiger and Schumacher. You cannot go wrong buying cars from these manufacturers.

Where to Buy RC Cars

Come join the fun! It is time to buy your first RC car. I would suggest you try to buy from a local hobby shop near you. They would be able to give you hands on help in buying and maintaining your rc car.

If you do not live near a hobby shop, your best option would be to buy from online rc hobby shops. You would need a credit card (visa / MasterCard), and the rc cars would be shipped to you in 5 - 9 days by land.

If you decide to buy from online rc hobby shops, read the articles and tips on this web site. My goal is to help you make a good choice in buying your remote control car, and once you have bought it, make the hobby more fun for you (by giving you tips on how to make your car faster).

How-to Get Started in RC Car Hobby

Below are easy and quick steps you can take to get into the remote control rc car hobby...

  1. Choose between buying an electric rc car or a gas powered rc car.
  2. Read the r/c car reviews and buying tips on this rc website.
  3. Shop at your local hobby shop, or shop online.
  4. Have more fun by re-visiting this site for tips on how to hop-up or make your rc car faster, how to drive faster, and how to win races.

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