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New R/C Cars and Trucks for April 2012

Buzz is the 70mph Traxxas NHRA Funny Car (1/8 electric dragster). The 1/10 Serpent 747 nitro rc car looks good (lighter, chassis flex design). The innovative front motor, 4wd drift car by MST.  Cheap new radio controllers (Sanwa MX-V and FlySky GT4). Tamiya going retro with the Jun Watanabe Hornet and the Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop.

Nitro RC Car Serpent 747
1/10 Nitro Serpent 747
1/8 Traxxas Funny Car Electric Dragster
70mph Traxxas Funny Car
RC Drift Car MST FS 01D Front Motor
RC Drift Car - Front Motor
Brushless Micro RC Truck 1/24 Losi SCT
1/24 Losi Brushless Micro SCT
Kyosho Catalog 2012.jpg
Kyosho Catalog 2012 PDF (77MB)
RC Car - 1/12 Mini Schumacher Supastox Circuit
1/12 Schumacher Supastox
Cheap Radio Controller Sanwa MX-V
Cheap Sanwa MX-V
Cheap Radio Controller FlySky FS GT4
FlySky FS GT4 Controller
RC Car Tamiya Hornet Jun Watanabe
Tamiya Hornet by Jun Watanabe
RC Car Tamiya FF03R
Tamiya FF03R
F1 RC Cars F104 Lotus 2012
F1 RC Car Racing
RC Truck Tamiya Mitsubishi Pajero
Tamiya Mitsubishi Pajero

New R/C Equipment and Parts

Interesting software, tools and games to help you win races. The R/C Crewchief setup software, the balancing station for 1/8 nitro buggies and the Virtual R/C Pro game endorsed by Yokomo factory driver Ronald Volker.

R/C Crew Chief Software
Set Up Software for Racers
Balance Station by TechWorkx for RC Buggies
Balance Station for Buggies
RC Car Game VRC Pro Review
Virtual R/C Pro

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Hi Friend,

Helped my 11 year old daughter with her own website about rc cars. It is called www.porshastoys.com. She wrote all the content while I did the HTML. I think her website looks much better than mine, what do you think?

RC Car Website Porshastoys.com

So many new and exciting models for April 2012. For serious 1/10 on-road nitro racing, the Serpent 747. I guess the designer is also an airline pilot. For real.

The biggest buzz, the 1/8 Traxxas NHRA Funny Car. These scale replicas are electric powered and can accelerate to 70mph in a matter of seconds. With the optional timing lights, these dragsters are sure to be popular for Traxxas.

And for the drift crowd, a front motor, 4wd rc drift car by Max Speed Technology. The 1/10 MST FS-01D looks like a Tamiya TA03 on steriods. You can place the battery in 5 different positions and tune the chassis flex. So tempting to buy.

Speaking of Tamiya, more retro releases like the Jun Watanabe Hornet design and the Pajero Metaltop. Plus a racing version of the FF03 front wheel drive cars.

Spotted a couple of cheap radio controllers. First is from Airtronics / Sanwa, the MX-V. I will be sure to buy a couple! Then the good looking FlySky FS GT4 controller. Hope it performs as well as it looks.

For the techies, there is a setup software for on-road touring cars. A weight balance station for 1/8 buggies. And a Virtual R/C Pro game for on-road racing. Plenty of stuff to keep you busy at home.

As for me, been rummaging thru some old photos and stumbled upon pictures of a 1/10 scale nitro powered F1 rc car that I custom built about 15 years ago. It looks crude, but I enjoyed making it.

Nitro F1 RC Car

And speaking of custom build rc cars, I recently updated the fastest rc cars page. Notable entry is the 1/5 HPI Baja gas rc car going 117mph. New photos and videos. Wow!

Fastest HPI Baja Gas RC Car 117mph

Source: By Maxit on the http://www.fast-rc.co.uk forum.

Now about the fastest rc cars going around a race track. I used to think that 1/8 scale nitro on-road cars are the fastest on a large track. But I saw some Youtube videos of 1/10 scale electric rc cars that went 1 second faster per lap than the 1/8 nitro cars. And no, these are not the 1/10 4wd touring cars. These are 1/10 scale, 2wd pan cars. Take a look for yourself at how fast these simple designed cars are. The motto Keep It Simple is so true.

And finally last Sunday went to the track to race in the 4th round of the F1 RC Cars Club. We are a group of easy going people who just want to race and enjoy the hobby. Raced are electric formula one rc cars like Tamiya F103, F104, F201, 3Racing F109 and more. As I am the race organizer, I don't usually get to race. But last Sunday I decided to join the fun. And fun it was, take a look at the main page of the F1 RC Cars Club for photos and videos.

F1 RC Cars Club Drivers

Thanks for reading and hope to see you again next month.

Have fun! 

Joel M.

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